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 Title : The Role of woman in Vidic Education Author : R.P. Srivastava

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The quotation, "Namo Brahmane" of Indian Culture, is being recited, in all the corners, of the World. The message underlying this quotation, is described by the Learned Scholar of VEDAS, PAUL DYSON, as follows :- "The Vedanta ...... Indians keep to it".

‘UPANISHAD’ is the prime part of Vedas. ‘SMRUTI’ and ‘PURAN’, are based on VEDAS. The Vedas is the root basis of all the Philosophies. VEDA is ‘BRAMHA’. It is self – originated, and is itself the Standard, which is uncomparable, with any other Standard. "Naiva Stri ....Ten Sa Rakshate". The SOUL is neither the Woman, nor the Man, nor the Neuter. It is known by the quality of the body – frame, which it holds. "Atmaivedam Sarva" – All that exists, is the SOUL and BRAMHA. Bhagwan Shankaracharya has stated that the strength of the Almighty, is unperceivable. It is named as "Anadi" (eternal), "Avidhya" (illusion), and "Trigun Swaroopa" (possessing 3 qualities). It exists far away from the World, and is experienced by studying the working of this Universe. The production of the Universe, is due to that strength only.

"Avyakta Namni ........Prasuyate" – Lord Krishna has stated in GEETA – "Mama Yonirmahad ...... Garbhadadamyaham". Swami Vidyaranya believes that not only Bramha or Shakti, is the cause of this Universe, because Bramha is passionless, and Shakti is Dependent. Hence, both of them together, carry out this work. SHIV and SHAKTI have unbreakable relation with RADHA and KRISHNA. SHIV is independent. The thing that ties together, the stems of RUDRA, or makes them live, or separates them, is known as ‘VINDU’ (Vindu).

"Kim Cha Rudravo ......... Gamyawam". This VINDU has four – dimensional circumference. (1) Shiv Tatwa (2) Sadeshakhya (3) Ish (4) Vidhya, are the four pure principles of Rudra Atoms. The World originated from this, and hence is known as ‘MAYA’. MAYA is not the eminent cause. The GOD is casually responsible. VINDU is the eminent cause. Lord Sadashiv exists in the form of SOUND. The rays of the SUN, are not different from the SUN. As one can get absorbed in the SUN, through his Rays, so also, the Devotee can become identical (intimate – one) with SHIV, through the meditation of SHAKTI. "SHIVKALP SAMADHI" is the means for it, and "NIRVIKALP" is the fruit.

It is stated in ‘Tantrasar’ that DURGA is the main basis, of all the chants related to KRISHNA.

The poet BIHARI holds that Krishna was the most obedient of Radha – "Tin Lok Tar ....... Aadhin". It is described in ‘TANTRIK’, that once, Lord Krishna had taken the form of Krishnakali for the entertainment of RADHA, in Vrindavan. The temple of KRISHNAKALI, stands in Haridwar even today. I (the original writer) have also composed one prayer of KRISHNAKALI. VEDA comprises both the ‘Krushnopanishad’ and ‘Radhikopanishad’. In ‘Samrahasya Upanishad’, we find description of the meeting of RADHA with SANAK and others, the enchanting beauty of ‘GOP’ and ‘GOPIA’, and bestowing MANTRAS to them. This is proved by Vedas, and it is not secular. RADHA is supreme strength, a celestial damsel KUNDALINI strength, and strength of affection. ‘Rudrayamal Tantra’ has stated "Krishnarupa ....... Tarani" – KALI herself is KRISHNA, and TARA DEVI is SHRI RAM. ‘AGAM SHASTRA’ holds that all the strength are present in the World, but, SHIV – TATVA is unique ‘Nimvakicharya’ states that "Saravi ........Sada". Thousands of female friends render service, and worship RADHA. Even, BRAMHA, VISHNU, SHIV, INDRA, and other deities, all animate and inanimates also worship RADHA, as her ‘Sakhi’ and ‘Sakhi’ only. The GOPIES possessed SHABDA SHAKTI, which had infatuated UDDHAV. GOPIES were the incarnate form of the word ‘Klim’ of ‘Kamvij Mantra’. The pure strength of the Supreme Almighty, is known by different names like GAYATRI, SARASWATI etc. The description of ‘GAYATRI’ is available in "GOPATH BRAMHAN" (1 – 30 - 38). In fact, ‘Sthul’ (massive), ‘Sukshma’ (subtile), and ‘Karan’ (purpose), are the three symbolic points, of the triangle. ‘Om’ is the Vaidic form of Aa, Da, Ma. This triangle has three points. The triangle containing these points, is responsible for producing the Outer World. It contains the mixtue of SHIV and SHAKTI. "CHARAK SANHITA" quotes – "Strishu ...........Pratishthitaha".

The LOVE has the abode, in the minds of ladies. Women are mothers. Women are religious – minded. They are the support of the complete Universe. The mother, wife, sister, daughter-in-law, are her different roles or forms. The Nature, Goddess SHAKTI, represent the Woman form only.

The Vaidic Mantra "Tasyam .........Punaha" implies that the husband of the lady, stays in her embryo, and after 10 months, takes the birth, as a son. On account of this, the woman is known as "Jaya" also. During the marriage ceremony, the Mantra "Sumali Riyam Vadhuhu" is recited, and the bride – groom puts vermilion, in the prow (line parting the hair of the head), of the bride, and ties the auspicious thread (Mangal Sutra). This is the line, and sign of prosperity, which is indestructible, due to the effect of MANTRA. It contains power of chastity (Satitwa). RAVAN was defeated by the brightness of that power. When this line, or Seetarekha was transgressed, and SEETA came out, RAVAN kidnapped her. JANAKI scolded RAVAN, for keeping the wicked eye, on her chastity, in the following words – "Nayanti .......Parabhavam". O ‘RAVAN, the wicked eyed man, is always defeated, by the wives of other persons. After that, the same bright line of the fore – head, burnt to ashes, the kingdom of LANKA, and finally RAVAN also was killed. The INDIAN woman hold divine strength. SATI SAWITRI had compelled even YAMA, to bow down, by her strength of Chastity. When the chastity of the wife of JALUNDAR (Jalandhar) was at stake, JALANDAR was also destroyed by the trishul of SHANKAR. But as a result, Lord VISHNU had to suffer atonement of this falt. This is the effect of the line on the fore-head. This strength only, is ‘VINDU’. This itself is the form of the Woman. In the Muslim language of BISMILLA, "Ve" is the mysterious word, equivalent to ‘VINDU’, which is available in the comments on ‘UPANISHAD’ by DARASHIKOV. ‘VINDU’ is BRAMHA, and represents strength.

This strength of the woman has always protected the Indian Culture, and its boundaries. Her ornament is her modesty or shyness, and her weapon of protection, is the line on her fore –head (Lalat Bindu). The sentence "Stristyayate – Karmanaha" of ‘NIRUKA’ states that the ladies are ashamed of Men. In Grammar, ‘Rhi’ is the root ‘Lajjayam’. The shyness means ‘Rhi’. The word ‘Rhi’ is the combination of ‘Har’, which means ‘SHIV’ and ‘E=Shakti’. The importance is that of ‘SHAKTI’. If ‘VINDU’ takes the shape of half – moon, the ‘TANTRIKS’ recognise ‘Rhi’ as ‘Lajjavij’. The chant of ‘KRISHNA YAJURVEDA’, reading "Rhashcha ...... Nishan", states, that ‘VISHNU’ had two wives, named "Rhi" and ‘LAKSHMI’. During Vaidic Age, the system of ‘VEIL’ (Shadada) was not in existence. But the Modesty (Lajja) of highest degree, prevailed on Spiritual Level.

When RAVAN talked to SEETA, with intent desire, SEETA replied him, with the pretext of Grass, "Trunmantarataha ......... Sanehi", but she was viewing SHRI RAM, in her mind. She was seeing SHRI RAM, in the inner world, that is her mind, and even in the outer world, she was viewing SHRI RAM, in the form of grass or reed. This oneness of the SOUL, is the point of combination of SHIV and SHAKTI. The strength of Modesty, has spiritual importance also. "Lajjavijam ......... Parikirtitam" (Rudrayamal Tantra). The salvation is attained by muttering the ‘Lajjavij Mantra ‘Rhi’. The relation of the husband and wife, is not casual, but it is everlasting, and inseparable. That relation lasts, even after death. "Sativ .......Thavapi (Madhyakavi)". When ‘SATI’ discardedher body, with the help of YOGA – AGNI, she had also abandoned the anger and hatred of her father. She was thinking of SHIV only. As a result, even when she took birth as PARWATI, she obtained SHIV, as her husband. Anayyadikshit believes, that in Monotheism, penance of SHIV is grasped by PARWATI, and that of PARWATI, by SHIV. In fact, the SOUL only, is the lovable substance, in the whole BRAMHA – MANDAL. The VEDA gives the following order – ‘Iha ....... Mavidath" – O’ woman, you bring forth the child, in this house, serve your husband, and unite with your husband. Do not separate from the husband, and help him in performing Sacrifice (YAGNA). Similarly, the woman also wishes the welfare of the husband – "Ayuthanastu Me Patihi". Let my husband have a long life. This system of VEDA proves the daily life of husband and wife. The freedom of DIVORCE is not there, in VEDAS. The GANDHARVA MARRIAGE (Love – marriage) was in existence, even before, for example, SHAKUNTALA and DUSHYANT. But, that was very firm. The meaning of Love – marriage, in modern Age, has changed thus:- Lav = a little; and marriage – meaning ‘Vivah’.

In Vaidic Age, Har, Nupur, Bajuband, Kankan, Mokhala, Kundal etc. were the ornaments. Generally, the ladies from Marwar, use one ornament on their head, which is called ‘Vorla’, in Marwari language, and its name is ‘CHUDAMANI’ – "Chudamani ........Dayaoo" (Ramcharit Manas). At that time, the clothes were ‘Valkal’ (the skin of trees, or Bhojpatra). Mahakavi KALIDAS, while describing the beauty of SHAKUNTALA has stated "Iyamadhik ............. Nakruti Nam".

Though SHAKUNTALA wearing only ‘VALKAL’, her beauty is at the highest peak. There was no need of any artificial means, for the sake of beauty. The beauty is the principle of Shakti (strength). It is worth seeing and honouring it. The desire of its enjoyment, becomes the cause of the ruin or downfall. The Indian amazons (bold ladies), in the form of MAHA SARASWATI (Mahasaraswati), used to hold weapons like Ghanta, Trishul, Shankha, Musal, Chakra, Dhanushya-Ban etc. to destroy wicked insects like Shumbha-Nishumbha who dared to endanger their virtues and modesty.

YASK (Yask) states that the word ‘Kanya’ is derived from the root ‘Kani Dipti’. The Daughter is the first form of the Woman Society, having brightness, shine, and strength. According to ‘NIRUKTA’, the SON is the heir of the wealth of the father, and not the daughter. If there is no SON, then only, the Daughter has that right.

"Abhratev .......... Pratichi" (RIG. 2/1/8) – This chant states, that if the woman has no living husband or Son, and if she is virtuous, then, under those circumstances, she has the right, to the wealth of the relatives of her husband. It is worth mentioning the name of Acharya Kshamarao born in Maharashtra, and who was the Poetess. We shall also always remember "Ahamrashtri-Vasutam Rashtradevi", the Late Prime Minister of India, - Shrimati Indira Gandhi, who imparts the memory of Vaidic Age. The word ‘INDIRA’ is derived from the root "Idi Parmeshwarye". INDIRA is one who posseses majesty, and grandeur. That ‘Shabda – shakti’ or ‘Krishna – shakti’, departed from this World, on ‘Gopashtami Day’ and left her glamour, in the Indian Chivalry. Let us salute, that Divine Lady, who was the strength of our Nation

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