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31  Relevance of the Vedas The Hindu 11-May-2009
32  Vedatil Vicharkan A Samna 26-May-2009
33  yajna the first aspect of the five fold path Times of India 28-May-2009
34  Muslim girl tops Vedanta course The Indian Express 01-Jul-2009
35  The Vedic Karmas The Hindu 13-Jul-2009
36  An attainable goal The Hindu 22-Oct-2009
37  Vedatil Vicharkan B Samna 26-Oct-2009
38  Vedancha Madlik Sandesh Samna 29-Dec-2009
39  Rugvedatil Prem Sakal 03-Jan-2010
40  Vedpradip website launch by Dr Shankar Nagesh Navalkundakar 24-Jan-2010

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