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11  Two Kinds Of Values Eternal and Transitory The times of India
12  Vedanta Three Paths to Truth The times of India
13  Physics is the New Bhashya Of Vedanta The times of India
14  Vedantic Flavour in Puranic Literature The times of India
15  Mr. 1
16  Vedantic Life Of Action Peace and Happiness The Times of India 25-Jul-2007
17  Rigveda belongs to world not just India The New Indian Express 10-Aug-2007
18  Bharat ki Vastvik Pahachan Usake Vedic Dharm se Ho Hindi Milap 23-Apr-2008
19  Ved Kalin Rushi Navshkti 04-May-2008
20  Dyan Ka Akshar Bhandar Ved Daily Hindi Milap 20-May-2008

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