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 Title : The Scientific out look of Vaidic VARNA System Author : Smt Mahasweta Chaturvedi

The Vaidic Literature was created for the welfare of the whole universe and seeing anger, hatred and disgust, in it, is the sign of low mentality. Every Vaidic Verse (Rucha) is full of the blessing of all the beings. In this respect, the Vaidic proof from "Anti Santam Na Jaha Vyanti Santam Na Pashyati | is notable – "Pashya Devasya Kavyam Na Mamar Na Jiryati ||" – Meaning :- O’ man, see the poetical work of the Almighty, which never dies, or get weaker. "Yathemam Vacham Kalyani Mawadani Janebhyaha ||" (YASUR. – 26 – 2) ‘Bramha Rajanyabhyam Shudray Charyay Cha Sway Charnaya ||’

"My blessing speech is for the Man, as well as Woman, and it includes the command, for Brahmins to Shudras, and even Atishudra (Lower than shudras). Such divine Vaidic Ruchas, are devoid of differences and complexity. The misguided persons do not understand this Vaidic Principle, and create chaos regarding Vedokti but, they will not gain anything, out of it.

Not understanding, the Vaidic Varna – System, the misguided combined it, with the Caste – System, and divided the Society, Nation and the Man-king, while the Vaidic Varna – Sysem is based on profession. It does not depend on caste, but represents profession. It is quoted thus – "Janmana Jayate Shudraha Sanskarat Dwij Uchyate"

By birth, all are Shudras, but by the deeds, they become Brahmins (Dwij). In these moral quotations, the poison of Caste-differences, is not prevalent. The wicked intentions of the Man, have created differences, anger, hatred, disgust, and poisoned the atmosphere of the Society

As per Vaidic Literature, the Varna – discipline is Scientific and justful. The administration of the nation is carried out by different types of individuals, who are scholars, Kshatriya, Vaishya and social workers, who follow the vow of defending the nation, in their own fields.

In order to understand, the Vaidic form of Varna – discipline, "Rugvediya Purushsukta", is worth mentioning. It gives its Scientific definition. The production of the Universe itself, is one sacrifice, in which the Man is the victim offered to the Deity. This Sukta describes 4 (four) VARNAS, Brahmin etc. The Males are divided into 4 categories, according to their profession, and they are named by the limbs of the body :- "Brahmanosya Mukhamasid Bahu Rajanyaha Krutaha | Uru Tadasya Yadweshaha Padabhyam Shudro Ajayat ||" (Rigv. 10/12)

Meaning:- The Brahmin is the mouth of this Prajapati, Kshatriya is similar to the ARM, Vaishya has taken birth from the thigh, and Shudra from the feet. Brahmin is the symbol of SHASTRA; Kshatriya of SHAKTI, Vaishya of Finance, and Shudra is the symbol of service.

The management, either of the Body, or the Society, or the Nation, is carried out by different departments. The Human Body is the live, example of Varna System, in which the Head is the symbol of Brahmin, Arms that of Kshatriya, the belly of storage (Sanchay) and the feet of service. Every part has its own importance. The SHOULDERS cannot carry out the work of the HEAD, the Hands cannot carry out the work of Shoulders, the work of feet cannot be done by abdomen, and the work of the abdomen cannot be carried out, by the feet. Every part has its own duties. No part has the grudge against the other, as all of them are dependent on one another, and have no difference of being High or Low.

The same discipline applies, in running the Nation. The one becomes a Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra by the profession and talent. Every individual is not equal in talent and capacity. Some are Rulers and some are ruled. But, the atmosphere of Society is spoiled, due to misconception of this Varna – System.

The Vaidic principle of the Varna – System was forgotten, and unscientific caste-system took the birth. Since then, the bad sentiment of Higher and Lower caste, prevailed and polluted the social atmosphere. The struggle between justice and injustice started then, and it is visible in the live form, in social differences, and contrast. The sentiment of depression, among the depressed class, increased and the atmosphere of division, was created, and it spoiled the National life. The National Unity or Universal love is incomplete, without following the vaidic advice. At present, the expectation of protecting Humanity is important, and not the protection of complex Caste – System, which is the reflection of wicked sentiments. We have to ponder seriously over the speech of Vedas, and destroy the sinful sentiments, so that the soul can make the progress. The speech of Vedas possess, inspiration, for mutual good-will :- "Ma Bhrata Bhratarm Dwishat – Ma Swasarmut Swasa | Samyamchaha Savrata Bhutwa Wacham Vadat Bhadraya || (Atharwa – 3-30-3).

The brother should not oppose the brother, and should be favourable towards the sister also. The whole mankind, should unite, in mind, speech and deeds, and speak the sweet language. It is necessary to contemplate over Vaidic Ruchas as then only, their symbolism can be grasped. The Scientific definition of Vaidic Varna – System, covers the sentiment of the Universal welfare, and is void of mutual differences. Hence, in order to eliminate the poisonous atmosphere of Caste-hatred, it is necessary to give importance, to the professional system. The wisdom of Vaidic thinking, are the best remedies, to put an end, to the Caste complexity.


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