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 Title : The Form of Favourable Rules of Natuer in Vaidic verses Author : Smt Mahasweta Chaturvedi

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The Vaidic Literature proclaims the welfare of the mankind. As the Vaidic Ruchas include this sentiment they are known as Sarvajan Hitaya (for the welfare of all" the human – beings). Just as the water-streams falling on the mountains, do not remain on the mountains only, but flow all over, so also, the Vaidic Neetar or Wisdom’, is useful for all the creatures of the World. It is not limited to Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain and Yahudi only, and hence, the ‘Vaidic Sanatan Dharma’ is respected, in the whole Universe (Vishwa Janinata). The Ruchas of Yajur. 26/2 are notable –

"Yathomam Vacham Kalyanimavadani Janebhyaha, Brahma Rajanyabhyam Shudraya Charyaya Cha Swaya Charyaya Cha ||

Meaning – I utter this welfare Vaidic Speech, for the whole Mankind. If the sun, Moon, Water, Land, Plants, created by the God, are for the benefit of all beings, then, is not the knowledge created by the Almighty, useful for all? There is not a single substance, beneficial for man, which is not described in Vedas. The whole World is perplexed for neglecting such Vaidic Literature, which contains all sorts of knowledge.

To consider the transitory, as eternal, the impure as pure, sadness as pleasure, and the false’ as truth, is incorrect (Adnyan), and is the root of sin. The description of the Uneducated, in Yogdarshan, is as follows :-

"Anityashachi .......... Vidhya |" (Yo. Da. 2/5)
"Anityashuchi Dukkhanatmasu Nityashuchisukhatmarvyatir Vidhya’

The body is unholy, but the uneducated consider it, as holy. If the wealth of somebody is stolen, he says "I am robbed", but, in fact, the wealth is stolen, but he thinks that he’ is himself robbed. This is the misconception of the creature, which constantly tortures him, and ruins his precious life. In this Universe, there is no other strength like spiritual knowledge, which can overcome his misconception. He should therefore pray to the Almighty, that he should be talented and clever, for attaining that knowledge. But he goes against the rules of Nature and makes his previous life, turbulent and clumsy’. He never knows the ultimate aim of the life.

The man has got this golden life, for finding out the peace and pleasure, but he remains constantly disturbed, by running after the fickle happiness. The rules are made for governing. The Social rules are for the society and Nation, while the spiritual rules are meant for personal progress. Non-obeying these rules, is the beginning of the cursed life. The rules of nature, are also powerful, and by following them, the man can understand the principles of Nature, and by going against them, he will lead the wrong path.

In Vaidic Literature, the form of Rut ‘Rutasya Hi Shurudhaha Santi, Purwarutasya’ is found, every now and then – "Rutasya .........Aayoho ||" (Bhra. 4/23/2)
Ghitivrujinani Hanti Rutasya Shloko Vadhira Tadarda Karna Budhanaha Shuchaman Aayoho ||

In Vaidic verses, the meaning of the word ‘Rut’ is "favourable rules of Nature". The man produced Steam-Engine, Air-Craft, Ships, by making proper use of the strength of Steam and Fire. Knowing the sound-producing strength of Electricity, the Radio was developed. Knowing the secret of Vocal Cord in the throat, the Voice - Recorder was prepared. The fire has the inflammable strength, and it has the property of producing LIGHT. There is no Scientist who has dared to destroy these two properties of FIRE. The property of the woman, is her appearance, the property of the tongue is taste, that of Nose, is Smell, that of skin is the touch, and the property, of the Ear is to hear the words. Every one accepts, according to its property. All this is the God’s gift in the form of Rut, which should not be forgotten. This greatness of Rut is unchangeable and constant. But going against the rules of Nature, is the invitation to grief. The sorrows, troubles, torture are the bitter fruits of sin. The remedy for averting sin, is to know the rules of Nature, and not to transgress them. Thus, it is essential, to be conversant, with rules of Nature.

It is the summoning of Vaidic Verses "Dhitivrujanani Hanti". The thought of ‘Rutasya’ destroys the Sins. It is the inspiration of the sages, that, if the sinful thought is credited in mind, RUCHAS should be meditated. The meditation (Jap) does not only mean "Repetition", but it also means the ‘Thought’. Therefore, it is stated in Yogdarshan – "Tajjap .......... Bhavanam |" (‘Tajjapastadarshabhavanam’).

I fact, ‘the principle of’ "Rutam", can even open the ears, of the deaf even. Rigv. Mandal – 9, states "Rutam ............. Dhyumna |" ‘Vadannudhyumna" (Rigu. 9/113/4) – The one, following Rut becomes brilliant.

Because ‘Rutasya Drudha Dharunani Santi’ (Rigv. – 4/23/9). The Rut holds powerful strength. In Vaidic Ruchas, there is the expectation of discarding those, who are controrary to ‘Rut’ ‘Idamhamnrutatsatyumupaimi’ (Ya. 1/5) "I am abandoning the one, against the Rut and attaining the truth." Even knowing the importance of Rut, to follow the falsehood is the root of disturbance. The present blind materialistic age, engrossed in Scientific uplift, is forgetting Rut, which is the cause of its grief. Even after having so many comforts, it is leading supportless, remedyless, and cursed life, the cause of which is to go against the rules of Nature. It has also created the unbalance in the Nature also. To forget the sentiment of sacrifice, and only become materialistic, is deceiving self. The remedy of awakening from the deep sleep of misconcept, is to know the form of Rut and follow it whole – heartedly. Then only, it, will be able to create welfare of self, Society, Nation and the World.


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