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 Title : The patriotism in Vaidic Ruchas Author : Smt Mahasweta Chaturvedi

It is natural, that every human being has affection to his Nation (Motherland). We have regards to that land, where we have taken birth, and from which we get food – water and air. And if, we are not thankful to that land and if there are not hearty feelings of gratitude to land, then our life is of no use. We can get one example of motherland’s importance in "Valmiki-Ramaya’ – where Shri Ramji says to Laxmanji that, though he was attracted by the Golden City of LANKA, still, it cannot be compared with our own motherland, Because our own mother and our mother-land are (valuable) more important than even the Heaven. –

(1) "Api Swargamai Lanka Na Me Laxman Rochate |
Janani Janmabhumishcha Swargadapi Gariyasi ||

The sentiment of Patriotism is found at different spots, in Vaidic Verses. "Mata Bhumihi Putroham Pruthivyaha|" (Atharva – 12/11).

Meaning:- This land is my mother, and I am her son. This Sukta states that this Universe is existing on the basic moral supports of Truth, the knowledge of the Supreme Power, devotion, penance, Bramha – gyan (Bramhagyan) etc. No doubt, the progress and uplift of Humanity, on this Earth, is dependent on the deep faith, and rituals.
The basic reason of the present deterioration of our Nation, is the blind selfishness, greediness, temptation fraud, hypocracy. The national freedom-fighter were dedicated to the national welfare. Our leaders and rulers, of any party, have forgotten the unique sacrifice and immolation of those fighters and the uplist and welfare of the Nation, and engaged themselves in selfish motives. It is necessary, today, that we all should unite together, and attempt to destroy the demon of corruption. Paying attention to this unity, our poets, have summoned the youths, from time to time, through the medium of poems :-

"Amar Hokar Rahenge Lok Aur Parlok Mein Bhi Vo,
Ki Jo Tan Prashan Apane Desh Par Kurban Karte Hai|"

"Tujhe Shapath Hai, Drushya Dekh Mat Janani Ki Barbadika |
Pahile Apna Kat Shish, Fir Kat Shish Azadika | (Sohanilal Dwivedi)

Bharati Par Raha Samarpit Jo, Is Vatan ko Saja Ke Jata Hai |
Jiske Vash Mein Pralay Rahe "Shweta" Usase Tufan Bhi Thartharata Hai|

The summoning (Aawahan) is the aim of Literature, but these tendencies have creeped into Bharatiya Literature, from Vaidic Literature, but at present, they are totally neglected. The present man, reads the literature, which is much at a lower ‘level’, and has himself attained the lower level, and does not find, the correct direction. He is totally engrossed, but has nothing to his credit. He performs duties, every moment, and in the evening entertains himself, seeing the bogus and below – level programmes, on ‘Doordarshan’. At night he is as good as dead, under the pretext of sleep; and again, the same routing bound life, from morning to evening. He finds no time for nationalism, theism (Aastikata), character, and precious deeds, and he does not think, that these virtues, are useful for him. He is not ashamed in betraying the Nation. Hence, the poet has stated -

"Koi Yah Desh Lutata Ab, Koi Harshad Koi Meman |
Ab Nahi Rashtraraksha Ka Vrat, Sab Andha Swarth Mein Hai Unman"|

The chants of Yajurveda, give the inspiration of great deeds :-
"Ishe Twoje Twa Wayvasth Devo Vaha Savita"| (YASUR – 1/1).

According to Vaidic Ruchas, the subjects elect the leader. The attitude of the citizens, is reflected, if the King is a thief or sinful. If the hearts of the citizens are filled with the sentiment of theft and sin, they will definitely elect the sinful and thief, as their Chief. In the above Rucha of Yajurveda, there is the prayer to God, that he should inspire us, to attain the proper goal, and the strength. The citizens should have children, they should be free from diseases and tuberculosis. We should not be governed by the robbers, and the ruler should not be sinful. And, in addition, the beasts and all creatures, should be protected by the benevolent persons.

This RUCHA clearly hints at the King having good moral behaviour. But, if we consider this ‘Rucha, in the modern context’, we are disappointed, because, today the Ruler is the eater of the citizens’, and not the protector. Everywhere, there is the cruel ‘TANDAV’ (Tandav) dance of slanghter, looting, greed, corruption, and malpractice. Even the throne of justice, is occupied by the unjust person. Then, how can we expect, the justice, truth and duty there?

During such a period, it is necessary, that we should not only study the Vaidic Literature, but seriously think over that, and be united in spreading the "Sanatan Vaidic Dharma’, and then only, the welfare, not only of the Nation, but that of the World’, is possible. The welfare of the human being, is possible through the patriotism, and the welfare of the World, is possible, through that of the human being :-

"Vedgiri Ka Kare Prasar, Jivan Ka Jisase Sanchar |
Vedamrut Ko Visara Kar Kya Sambhav Sukh Ka Parawar?"


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