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 Title : Why are Vedas so intricate complicated Author : Shri Rasik Bihari Manjul

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As far as the Vedas are concerned, one point is hundred percent true, that Vedas are good volumes but they are much arduous unnatural, intricate, and difficult to understand. One writer, has written to this extent that "The four Vedas are one complete Scientific Volume, but after the Maha-Bharat Era not a single commentator has grasped, the structural style of Vedas, due to the lark of facilities. The reason of making the knowledge of Vedas (Ved Vidhya) so intricate and mystic, is quoted in (Chhandogya Upanishad) – 1/2/1-14". The VED-VIDYA was that covered with METRES (Chhand), in order to save it from devilish mentality but still, it was visible. After that, the Ved-Vidya was covered with the OMKAR letters, and hence, it has become so difficult to understand." (See – Vedonme Vidnyan Pru. 33-34).

Now the question arises that, ‘whether the Vedas are made difficult, Purposely? Because in this Kal – Yuga, only Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati & some other one or two genius have realised them. OR is it that, ‘The Origin of Vedas is so very difficult – complicated and Mystic that nobody can understand them. Some People realise Poetic image in Vedas, some others think that Vedas consist astrology, some others find astronomi & many others experience PRESENCE OF historical events in Vedas. But basically what are the contents of Vedas? Nobody, has truly measured the exact dimensions of Vedas yet.

In my opinion, there are various reasons of this interieation, like – to be unfamiliar with the language of Vedas (which is not SANSKRIT), to save it, from the Demons, Jiants, Evil spirits, and those having vindictive nature. But, it appears that, the most important reason is that the Brahmins kept it most secret (Gopyam, Gopyam, Param Gopyam).

with the desire of making it, their ancestral property. The Brahmin seeks ‘BRAMHA – VIDYA’, in Vedas, and holds himself only, the authority to taste its flavour. Hence, in the Maha-vidyalaya of this God-gifted Vidya (knowledge), he has locked it, with his own pride, so that Vedas can remain aloof from the common man, and he only would be the Lord of it. If, it was not so, the Brahmins would not have named, the "Ved – Bhashyas, as" (Brahman – Granth)" and Adi Shankaracharya would not have stated that "Vedas are not meant for SHUDRAS and ladies".

I have also seen such Brahmins, who think that they themselves are "BRAMHA", and they only are the masters of Vedas. While the truth is that the word "BRAMHA", does not mean Brahmin, but it implies the ‘Supreme Power’ (Prarmeshwar). And, the door of Deity is open to all, whether he is Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya or Shudra. If, it is not, so, I shall not accept him as GOD, whose door is open to Brahmins only, and is closed for all others.

The entire knowledge of Vedas, was known, only to those Scholars, who possessed Divine strength, and were righteous, moral, spiritual asceties. In Satya – yug, Sanak, Maharshi Vashishtha, Vishwamitra were such scholars. They were also in TRETA-YUG. During ‘DWAPAR’, Garg – muni had this knowledge and in KAL – YUG, only Dayanand – Saraswati had the knowledge of Vedas. Apart from them, those Sages, whose chants are covered in Vedas, were the master scholars of Vedas. It is our misfortune, that the present Indian scholars are far away from Vedas. Even the present Vaidic scholars, Mahatmas, and people possessing supernatural strength, are unable to import the Vaidic knowledge. Perhaps, that is the reason, why Vedas are not included in the Indian Educational System. This is the misfortune of BHARAT. During such a dark age, Maharshi Dayanand, recognised the greatness of Vedas, 115 years ago, and produced popular, and accepted commentaries, and framed the rules of Aryas, which are the bright spots, of modern India. If the Vedas were learnt and taught, on this basis, today, the whole world would have bowed down, towards the supernatural splendour of Maharshi Dayanand. Due to this acuteness and brilliance of Vedas, he stated that the Vedas, are created by God, and hence, they are ‘(Apaurusheya)’.

The Brahmins separated Vedas from the popular custom, and led the public to a wrong path, by spreading wrong notions, about the Vedas. I shall quote only one example, as a proof of my statement. That proof is that Brahmins have made the false propaganda, that Chaturvedis are those, that have knowledge of four Vedas; Trivedis are those having knowledge of three Vedas; Divivedis have knowledge of two Vedas, and it is the ordinary duty of every Brahmin, to have the knowledge of one Veda. But, the fact is that in the Ancient Age, the altars were created near yagnas (sacrifice), and the Brahmin who used to create 4 altrars, was known as Chaturvedi; the one creating three altars, was Trivedi; the one producing 2 altars, was Dwivedi; and only one altar was prepared by an Brahmin, as it was a very simple job. Only a few people know, that during that Age, ‘MANTRA’ was called ‘BRAMHA’, and ‘VEDA’ as ‘SHRUTI’. The purpose of Veda was sacrifice, and the sacrifies could not be observed, without Vedas.

The Brahmins hold Bhagwan MATSYA, responsible for the complexity of Vedas. They say, that according to MATSYA-PURAN, the Vedas were created, in the beginning of the Universe. The proof is "Tap – Vinisrutaha |" (Matsya. Aa. 3 Shlok 2-4) MEANING : - The (four) Vedas were created from the (four) months of BRAMHA (Bramha).

When the Brahmins have loaded such statements in PURANAS, how can any one blame the Brahmins, for the complications of Vedas ? Because, Vedas are the speech of Bhagwan MATSYA. ("Shekh -------- Bhi Nahi ||").

I am not simply making a joke, but, according to the Scientific view also, the Brahmins only have made the Vedas, so complex. The secret is revealed by Shri. Ramdas Gaud (Ramdas Gaud), the eminent author of eminent book " (Hindutva) ". He has stated – "Many people have guessed that the Chants of Vedas have been heard, seen or composed, during the tradition of thousands of millions years to seven or eight thousand years. It is difficult to guess the span of this tradition. So many changes have taken place, during the copying of hand – written manuscripts or during the printing of diff. editions of one volume, or due to mistakes during writing in 200 to 400 years, or errors in printing, or due to differences in opinion of teachers and pupils. In the case of recent book (Ramcharit Manas) of (Tulsidas) we find so many versions, and various authentic changes, then, in the case of Vedas, how can we estimate the number of versions and editions ? The Vedas were heard from the mouth of GURU, and made by heart. There was no doubt, a difference of some thousand years, at least, if not lakhs of years, in between them. As the time passed, it became so difficult to understand their language, that, it became the practice, to make by heart, the chants, together with its every letter, in the serial as well as reverse order’. The language of (Brahman Granth) and (Aaranyak) which were the volumes of commentary of chants, also became difficult, NIRUKTIS were complied. The Grammar, which had the strength of going deep into any, subject and secrutinise it also became helpless. The help of SMRUTI was taken to define them. The (Mimansak) also used their strength. GEMINI wanted to renovate (Karmkand) which was decaying, since long. Knowledge, Science, upasana, theory of generation, Race, Manvantar, together with PURANAS, also tried to define the Vedas" (See – Pru. 21-22, -------- Pratham Sanskaran)

Hence, the Vedas appear so complicated, to us, today, and we have no remedy, for that.

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