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 Title : The Analysis of Pranayama in Vedic Literature Author : Smt Mahasweta Chaturvedi

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All the hymns in the Vedic literature are constructed in order to enrich life. They tell the human being to make a journey from Asat to Sat, from darkness to bright light and from death to immortality. For the health of the body fasting is very important. For the health of the mind Pranayam is very important. Actually there are two types of health. To keep the body fit and healthy the mind also has to be fit and healthy. One cannot perform all the functions properly unless and until the body and mind are not in tune. The soul is said to be governing the body. In ‘Charaka’ it is mentioned that health is the medium towards Dahrma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. All the se things find support in the Vedic literature, which propagates gain of knowledge through the practice of Pranayama. The body remains alive because of the life within.

The life in the body is fire or energy. This energy is the support of our body. It is well known that fire can give pleasure and torture at the same time. In summer all substances shrivel, in the same way when the life in the body does not get fuel it beings to burn the muscle and blood in the body. The torture of life is known better only at the time of death. People having a pessimistic view towards life cannot fuel the life present in the body properly. As a result when the life tries to escape from the cage of the body at the time of death, it comes across many obstacles, which is a big torture to the body. Finally after a lot of effort life does get out of the body. The common man caught in the daily chores of life does not look at death as a penalizing thing. The people in search of salvation do take out life from their body easily.

The life is faced with life itself and death, which are interrelated. The support of life is acquiring religion, like for example forgiveness, breath, end, bowel movement, education, truth and non-violence. The bearer of these things gets the fuel for his life, which does not burn but takes care of life. The fuel or fire burns those who are on the path of death, because they are on a path of non-religion and want to acquire wealth and materialistic things. By killing religion they are in a way killing themselves. In the hope of gaining life they are actually burning life. But the bearers of life only can remove the cover of ignorance. The Vedic hymns expect that the life should acquire knowledge. The soul attracts the rays of knowledge. According to Maharshi Patanjali ignorance can only be taken away by practicing Pranayama. By Pranayama the cover on our brains is taken away. Vedic hymns reiterate this fact. When one acquires the knowledge of life, then he gains control over all his organs. The organs are in control only when

the life is in control. Organs are dependant on the mind, but mind is very flexible. Organs always follow the mind. Yoga means control over your mind. In Kathopanishada 2/3/10, 11 it is said, ‘Yoga is that state of mind where all the five senses stop responding, the brain stops working and the organs remain static. Pranayama destroys uncleanliness and helps to gain wisdom, which influences the human life. Pranayam is directly connected to intelligence. Intelligence is sharpened if it is pure and clean and so it can grasp the most difficult and minute subjects also. It also influences the thoughts and behaviour of a person and the person can become successful in life. Life is not complete without the knowledge of the Shatras.

In the blind materialistic world of today, why is the human being so unsatisfied even after having wealth, money, education and other materialistic pleasure? Why does he feel incomplete? Why isn’t he knowledgeable even after gaining knowledge? Why is he so upset? Why doesn’t think about these questions? What is he finally searching for in life? Why is he away from his dream even though he is so busy?

There is only one answer to all these complicated answers. The person is far away from good thoughts, he is walking on a path of non-religion. He is not talking to himself. He can remove dissatisfaction and restlessness from his life only by talking to himself keeping faith realizing his duty and doing some self-introspection. Material progress is not complete without self-realisation. It is therefore very essential to achieve internal happiness with the help of Pranayama, it is necessary to develop the energy of soul.


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