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 Title : The Meals for mankind as prescribed in vedas Author : Mr.Ramchandra Pathak

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Many prescriptions are found for the psychological as well as physical growth of the mankind. These are set ideals and also do's and don'ts which are found in the Agadhdnyana Rashi Vedas. Prescriptions are also found for the pattern of meals that should be ideally followed. This description is found in the Atharvaveda. The hymns says - 'Hey human being, you must eat rice, wheat, jowar and also pulses like Urad & Moong and Sesame Oil, do not hunt cows and goats which give milk'.

In Yajurveda it is said that food is present in all eatables in the form of juice. Whatever food the earth produces, takes the form of milk. This milk dries due to exposure to sunlight. The milk is stores in crores of tonnes of wheat, rice, cereals, com, bajra, etc. and sold and then cooked. Nutritious food like milk, honey and ghee are a boon to the mankind. The cows turn the green grass into white by chewing and re-chewing it. This whiteness is produced by the stomach and the organs of the cow. Cream, Curd, ghee, butter-milk, paneer, butter are all nutritious foods. It is not possible to get nectar from the flowers produced in the scientific farms. But the honey-bee can suck the honey from these flowers so naturally. Sage Manu has written the 'Manusmruti'. He says that in Vedas duty is considered very important and also work and religion. Non-confirmation to duties is not good.

Some people claim that animals have been created for us to eat. So what will happen to them if we don't eat them? This question is answered by a German scholar. George Monier says, "This universe is a part of a huge engine and the whole livelihood existing in it are the parts of this engine. The almighty god creates this universe like a scholar engineer. He has fitted the animals properly in this engine. No animal or tree or any other living being is worthless in this universe. Everybody has its own function. Every leaf is the meal of some or the other animal. The almighty god is the one who knows everything. Vedas say that "Hey man I will make you healthy with the ghee, milk and honey. If your meals are pure, then your behaviour and thoughts will also be pure. Vedas defy the usage of meat, eggs and alcohol in the meals.

In Atharvaveda it is said that living beings eating meat should be destroyed or thrown away. In Manusmruti 1-777, it is said that lion, jackal and cheetah these animals are meat-eaters. The degree of anger rises by eating meat, it disturbs thoughts, it increases feelings like sex, anger and desire. The scholars make use of these three Gems and bring it in practice. But the fools mistake the jewel stones like diamonds to be real Gems and ignore the real gems.

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