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 Title : The origin of SAMVEDA Author : Kapil Pandeya

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When and how, was SAM-VEDA composed? The scholars have difference of opinion, regarding this topic. But there is no doubt, that Vedas are the expressions of Almighty God himself, and are the original volumes, in the Universe. Some Scholars are of the opinion that, SAMVEDA was created by the Sea, while some others believe, that, it was created by clouds, wind and lightning. The roaring of the high waves of the Sea, created that following tunes – "Sapta Swar --- Sangit". The most of the wise intellectuals, argue, that the first word ‘The’ was created, in the Universe by the splitting of the clouds. Hence, SAMVEDA also is created by the cloud and lightning. Whatever it may be, the result of the discussion, regarding the truth of Ancient period, is the fact, that there are many tunes in Music. It cannot be said, that all those tunes, originated from one object, and one spot only. Just as we get a glimpse, from the name ‘SAMVEDA’ itself, it appears that SAMVEDA has originated from SAMVEDA TUNES. The SAMVEDA plays an important role in the progress of all VEDAS. The living of the new-born child in the world, would be impossible, without sucking the milk, from the breast of the mother. The same principle applies to SAMVEDA towards other Vedas. Everybody loves Music, and it is said that, each individual can weep and sing. In this reference, there is one hearsay, that one intellectual old man, had two sons. One of them was the Scholar of ‘Grammar’. While the other one was the master of ‘Music’. When the old man was on the death-bed, he called his first Son, and asked him, to Speak, a few words, regarding the decayed tree in front. The Son said, "Shushkas --- Agre" On hearing this, the agony of the old man, increase further.

Then, he asked the second son, to say something. He also started, to tell the same previously-stated matter, but in his own Musical tone and fashion "Niras ---- Agre". It is said, that on hearing this, the old man experienced, a lot of relief. It is a fact, that every-one loves Music.

Regarding SAMVEDA, the great author, and bright Maharshi Uddalak, has not written anything, of his own accord, but he has written only, whatever is said in that regard. It is said, that Goddess Saraswati herself, helped him, in this matter. In my (original writer) opinion also, SAMVEDA originated from the collective tunes of Sea, clouds, lightning, Vayu (Air) etc. It is difficult to get the collection of all tunes, in one object only. Thus, as the name itself suggests, SAMVEDA is the group of multitude tunes.

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