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 Title : Vedraj Atharv Veda Author : Rasik Bihari Majul

Vedavyas seemed to be sad since early morning. His wife was busy serving her husband. Their hut was made of leaves. His theologian son Shukadeva said to his father, 'father, why are you so upset today ? Is there any problem regarding creation, deva ?'

Yes, son. You are right. I have made four diameters of one Veda written by Chitragupta. The three vedas have been completed quickly, which I have named as Rig-veda, Yajurveda and Samveda. But I am still haven't completed the forth veda. I think, Brahma deva, the creator of vedas, scriptures is not doing favor to me. But I don't know why ?

This is not the thing, father. You have already done three vedas. Knowledge, karma and worship have also been described step by step. Now why we need the fourth veda ?

Son, the fourth veda will surely be made.



Tell me, father, why?


If you want to have the fourth Veda, then go to the seventeenth son (manasputra) of Brahma. “osn v{kjk% nkrkjs”. That is to say, go to chitragupta. He will help you. He will make your way grand.

You are right, son. Today I will call Chitragupta.

Next day, Vedavyas call Chitragupta Chitragupta appeared through the red flames of Yagya like a Yagya-purush. Chitragupta was bluish like Lord Vishnu and he had four hands in which there were lotus, inkstand , ink and strips. Like an eagle, he had a flamingo as a carriage. Chitragupta was smiling. He said to beseeching Badrayan Vedavyas, 'son, what do you want?'

Vedavyas said, 'hey Brahmansh, god of a pen. I am not completing the fourth Veda yet. Please help me in my work.

Vedavyas, may you become happy. I give you power to compose the fourth Veda – Atharv veda veda will present all the other three vedas complementarily, completely and brightly. It's Upnishad ( Portions containing discourses on Divine Knowledge) will be more than others. Element of Brahma-Light will be its main aim. Therefore, its eminent name will be 'Brahmveda'. Please fill your shade of the formula of Brahma in it. The Upnishad about what is Brahma, how can we know it, how can we achieve it, will praise this element.

Vedavyas, Atharv Veda would be a small form of the veda which I have created for divinities. Its famous Upnishad will be 1) Mundak 2) Question, and 3) Upnishad of power of Nrisinh. After wards we will announce Adi Shankaracharya Manduka, who is an incarnation of Lord Shankar, as Upnishad Of Atharv Veda.

Vedavyas, you don't know that the most viewable subject in Atharv Veda will be Maharshi Atharnav – the father of your wife Barika.

Atharv Veda will be divided into nine parts. Those are 1) paipalad, 2) shaunkiy 3) damod 4) tottayan 5) Jamal 6) brampalas 7) Kunarawa 8) devdarshi 9) charanvidya. Some will call them as paippalad aandhra, pradatt, snat, shnaut, brahmdanav, shaunak , devdarshati and charanvidya. Some will assume its two forms as Auravya and Kandikey. The Kandikeya will be further divided into five parts 1) Aapstambh – baudhayan

  1. satyavachi 3) hiranya keshi and 4) audheya.

As your father- in law will give a considerable fame to this Veda, Atharv Veda will be known among people as Atharnav Veda.

Vedavyas was happy now. Chitragupta was also reassured. While going Chitragupta said 'Hey vishnuansh (element of Vishnu), Saraswatinandan, Barayan Vedvyas, now listen one more secret. Your father – in – law, Rishi Atharnav will achieve the knowledge to understand Veda by worshipping Brahma. At that time sweat will flow from his pores, which will also include sperm flowing in two separate flows. The two flows will later come together and will be vanished after giving birth to Bhrugu and Angira Rishi. These two Rishi will make your Vedic Knowledge popular in the world. At that time there will be a Devine communication, which will say, “vFkoZokx~] ,oa ,rx~ Losnki~ LofUoPN” Due to this your father – in – law is named Atharvan. That is his name became Atharvan from Atharnav, which will cause Brahmveda to be well know as Atharv Veda.

Atharv veda will be useful to Brahma in his work. The one who throws articles of oblation in the sacrificial fire will use this Veda. In …..... this veda, there will a gist of all other vedas. This will be best.'

After saying this chitragupta vanished humming this incantation.

Js"Bksfg osnLrilks·f/ktkarks]

czEgKkua ân;s lacHkwo!

,r}S Hkwf;"Ba czEgk ;n~ Hk`Xoafxjl%A

;as·fxjl% ljl%A ;s·FkokZ.kLrn ~Hks"kte~A

;n~ Hks"kte~ rne`re~A ;ne`re~ rn~ czEgA

And vedavyas keep watching Chitragupta flying through the sky.

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About Translator:Sou Lalita Marathe
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