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 Title : Knowledge Of Vedas Author : Ghhailbiharilal Goyal

An organization of Aryan community has created a book of all the true lore after recognizing the knowledge of Vedas. reading, teaching and listening to the Vedas is the supreme duty of all the Aryans'. In spite of having rules like making additions to the lore and destruction of false knowledge, it seems that even one Aryan has not put out the lore of Veda in the world even after eleven years of nirvana of Maharishi Dayanand. it implies that, the Aryan experts have dropped some basic or main philosophy in understanding the purposes of Maharishi Dayanand. what is that basic philosophy? To understand that. we should first see the main purpose of Vedas. What was the Lord's purpose. when he made the knowledge of Vedas available through philosophies of different Seers [experts] by distributing all the extant things in the forms of particles implicitly one thousand million years ago ? Today a person is mistaken in understanding and interpreting this philosophies. it seems with current Yagya and behavior that. Indian and Aryan experts have ended their duty by refraining from the efforts of understanding the gist of forms of Vedas i.e. seer,

goddess, verse note, sublime, ANUATT and vocalic, and by asking god to bless them, they have proved god fawning.

All terms used in Veda are classified in the Vedic lexicon in the form of terms placed on the earth, terms placed in the space and terms placed in Dyolok. Among these terms some terms are classified for some divinities. For e.g. in the index of the Vedic lexicon created by Maharishi Dayanad, 'Gau' is classified in Vedic lexicon 1/1 as one of the particle form among 21 things of the earth. it has been put in all the four Vedas by different seers, goddesses, verses, etc. in Vedic lexicon 1/4, 'Gau' is classified according to the 6 general forms of a space, which has been put in four Vedas as mentioned above. Again it has put

serially according to the Vedic lexicon 1/11 in all the four Vedas through different seers, goddesses, verses, notes, sublimes, ANUDATT and vocalic in one of the 51 forms of SHAND. Again the philosophy of knowledge has put in all the four Vedas in one of the 13 difference of a hymn according to the Vedic lexicon 3/16. In Vedic lexicon 4/1, 'Gau' has Given a philosophy in the form of one 62 things placed on the earth. It has also been put in one of the of 36 forms of the things placed in a space according to the Vedic lexicon 5/5. Therefore, each term given in Vedas should be considered according to many differences. Then we will understand the drift of Vedas. It implies that we are unable to understand the knowledge given in Vedas through the knowledge given by saints, who existed be four maharishi [Dayanand]. In order to understand the knowledge given in Vedas, we should try to read and understand the role of Vedic lexicon and its index. In seems from the definitions of Vedas created by Aryan experts that, till now they are assuming the purposes of maharishi Dayanad deficient. Like-----

Rig-Veda 1/1/3 has been said to be the main prayer in ARYA

BHIVINAY. the mantra is as follows--

vfXuuk jf;e'uor~ iks"keso fnos fnosA

;'kla ofjoRree~AA3AA

With your blessings, a person you gains the wealth of knowledge and the wealth of gold. it daily increases by SHOSHMEV MAHAPUSHTI and the good fame. And it may help me to gain the knowledge, power, courage, intelligence, strength, might and a strong body, and a virtuous, square and very brave person. I may also gain gold and gems and a universal empire and the wealth in the form of science and I may always be happy living like a saint with your blessings.''

There are five mantras in this class of Rig-Veda. No.1,2, and 5

mainly praises them. the praise describes different virtues of the god of

fire given in the drift of mantras. The different KISHM of the god of fire has been published by Vishweshwaranand Vedic shodh sansthan with efforts of 51 years i.e from 1903 to 1960. By understanding the seers, goddesses, verses and notes in all the places of Vedas of

different gods of fire with the help of PADSUCHI and by achieving further knowledge, we can understand the drift of Maharishi. on a broad way, it is sufficient to know the real purpose of the god from the 100 names of god given in the first SAMULAGRA of SATYARTH PRAKASH.

[we can achieve all knowledge by studying all the places of Vedas with the help of the terms in indexes of the grammar of all the four Vedas.]




Chail Bihari Lal Goyal

Brarahdwari, Pasarpatta Bazar,

Aligadh, Hathras- 204101, uttar pradesh






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