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 Title : Science In Vedas Dootam Agni Author : Ghanshamlal Mathur

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VEDAS are really, the treasures of science of science , but

the present Vaidic pandits and mahatmas, represent it, only in the from of PRAYERS to God, in their Advice and Exposition �izopu� Is it not possible, that the common man will think, that they have not studied vedas, deeply and thoroughly ? The Learned and the Nobles, should vedas, depply and thoroughly? the learned and the Nobles, should remember, that if they do not discuss scientific view of vedas also, how will the interested persons participate?

With a view, to attract the minds of Learned and mahatmas, towards the vast knowledge of VEDAS, I am pointing out some places in Vedas, where AGNI named ' nwre ' [DOOTASM] is discussed. This prove, how much treasure of knowledge, is existing in vedas, and how the country is devoid of that, as the scholars have paid no attention, to that.

dk.oks es/kkfrfFk _f"k has described the various theories of vfXu nwre o`.khegs in SAM.

Mantra 3 , through the medium of 'GAYATRI' metre, AGNI Devata. The substances heated by' nwre vfXu and travelling from one place to another, are described in this topic. In modern science, the pictures and dialogues, reach from one country to another, through the medium of RADIO T. V. [television].

The basic principle of this, is 'VIDYUT AGNI' [ fo|qr vfXu ] the name ' vfXue includes three forms of Energy-HEAT, ELECTRICITY' and SOLAR ENERGY.

[ vfXu fo|qr% lw;Z'kfDr ] the word 'gksrje ' describes the AGNI, that imparts the SPEED. The word ' ;KL; ' describes the Art of getting this knowledge, by performing Sacrificial Fire [;K]. The word ' lqdzre ' states the best methods of improvement, and becoming the best producer .The word fo'o osn le describes the method of getting all sorts of wealth, and getting the Art and means by the Artists, This topic is described in details, in SAM. UTTAR. 190-192 trik: RIGV. 2/12/2 - 5 Varg ; ATHARV. 20/101/1 - 3 SUTRA.

This complete scientific theory, is expressed through the medium of ' =;h fo|k ', in the " Question and Answer "form. this topic is extended still further, in rSrjh; lafgrk 2/5/8/5; rS- czk- 3/5/2/3; ,s- czk- 20/3/252, and combined to other Vedas.

okenso _f"k has described the ' second Stage' of this theory, in Sam. 12 Mantra, which reads ' nwrkarks fo'oosnle ',through GAYATRI metre, AGNE Devata. This topic, completely proves, that Vedas are created, only for bestowing knowledge, of physical Sciences, to the Human Race. This topic is broadened, in RIG./4/8/1 - 8 Varg. It is combined with other Vedas , through ys- czk- 23/2/21.

okensok% ofl"Bksok _f"k has stated some other theories of this particular knowledge, in Sam. PURVA 45 Mantra, ' ,uk oks vfXu ' through 'BRUHATI metre, AGNI Devata. This topic is further described in Sam. UTTAR 149-50 and some more theories are stated in RIGV. -- 1/16/1 -5 Varg.

ijes"Bh _f"k has thrown light on, some other aspects, of this knowledge in Yajur. Adhyaya 15 Anuwak 20 to 48. This topic is related with other Vedas, through rS- czk- 4/4/4/4.

miLrqr _f"k has described some part of this theory in SAMVEDA 64 Mantra, fp= bfPN 'kksLr:.kL;', through ' JAGATI' metre, 'AGNI' Devata. This topic is extended still further, by miLrqr rFkk _f"k in Rigv 10/115/1 – 5 Varg.

osu _f"k has described a number of theories regarding the actions taking place, between 'xU/koZ 'kf= and the' SOLAR SYSTEM' [ lw;Z eaMy ] in the Sky, through 'TRISHTUP' Metre, INDRA' Devata., in SAM. 320 mantra, ukds lqo.kZ:i This topic is expanded in SAM. UTTAR. 184 to 48 trik, and RIGV. 10/123/6 Varg. This topic is connected with the science of LIGHT, in ATHARV. 18/3/66. This knowledge is related to other Vedas , through rS- czk- 2/5/8/5;

rS- vk- 6/3/1; ,s- czk- 4/5/22.

It appears that dk.oks es/kkfrfFk _f"k also has thrown some light, on this particular knowledge, in RIG. 1/12/6 - 10 Varg. It is related to some extent, in SAM. 32.and 845 trik. It is related to other Vedas, through ,s- czk- 32/1/129.

?kksj dk.o% _f"k has combined ' DOOTAM AGNI', with SUN - light, and has described substances, having similarity, in RIGV. 1/36/1 - 5 varg, through ANUSHTUP , PANKTI, and BRUHATI metres, AGNI' Devata. This is related with SAM. PURVA.59

izLd.o _f"k has described the actions of air and water , on the properties of DOOTAM AGNI, in BHUHATI Metre, AGNI Devata, in RIGV. 1/44/1 - 5 varg . It is related to ek-iw- 40 and 2180 - 82. The properties of DOOTAM AGNI are stated in RIGV. 2/44/22 - varg. This topic is expanded in Yajur. 33/25 Anuwak.

XkSre uks/kk _f"k has described the KINETIC ENERGY, and the sound- producion theory of DOOTAM AGNI, in RIGV. 2/58/2, through JAGATI and TRISHTUP Metres, AGNI Devata. The relation between DOOTAM AGNI and ' ekrfj'ok ok;w ' existing in the sky, is established in RIGV. 2/60/2 - 5 Varg.

ijk"kj _f"k has pointed out, the method of attaining knowledge of 'VEDA VIJNAN' and ' DOOTAM AGNI' in RIGV. 2/12/6 - 10 varg, through TRISHTUP' metre, AGNI Devata.

jkgwxj xkSre _f"k has described the theory of DOOTAM AGNI, in RIGV. 1/14/1 - 6 varg, through GAYATRI metre, AGNI Devata. It describes the production of the substance named vkWgw by DOOTAM AGNI. The uses of DOOTAM AGNI, in the marine Vehicles, travalling over sea - waters are described in RIGV. 1/14/6/-9


vkafxjl dqRl _f"k has described the DOOTAM AGNI, that is active in carrying out, some actions, in the SKY, in RIGV. 1/105/1 - 5 varg

through PANKTI and BRUHTI metres, fo'osnsok Devata. This topic is related to YAJUR. 33/90 ANUWAK.

nh?kZrek _f"k has described the theory of DOOTAM AGNI, which is useful, in the machines, running at a high speed, in RIG.1/161/1 varg, through JAGATI and TRISHTUP metres, ' dzeo ' Devata. This topic is related to other Vedas, through

,s- czk- 28/8/116.

vxLr _f"k has described the effects of 'AUTUMN' season ''kjn _rq on DOOTAM AGNI , through TRISHTUP and BRUHATI metres, Devata - INDRA. This topic is described in ,s- czk- 24/1/113 . The description of DOOTAM AGNI , along with the twelve [12] different forms of ANGI ' vfiz; nsork

is available in RIG. 1/188/1. lkse vkgqfr HkkxZo _f"k has described DOOTAM AGNI that is capable of sending messages through GAYATRI metre, Agni Devata. This topic is there , in RIGV. 2/6/1 - 8 varg, and is related to Yajur. 12/43: rS- la- 4/2/3/4

,s-czk- 4@8@25-

xqRlen _f"k has described the theory of DOOTAM AGNI, in RIC. 2/9/1-6 through 'TRISHTUP' and ' ihr ' metres, AGNI Devata. This topic is related to YAJUR. 11/36/21/15; rS- l- 3/5/1/2; 4/6/5/4; 4/1/3/3/2 ; 4/3/3/2

fo'okfe= _f"k has described some other theories of DOOTAM AGNI, in RIGV.

3/3/1 -5 varg, through JAGATI metre, os'oku;s vfXu Devta. This topic is related to other Vedas, through ,s- czk- 20/2/151 . The various substances that are used in ceremonies of DOOTAM AGNI. are described in RIGV. 3/5/2, through TrishTup metre AGNI Devata. the theory of sending messages, to all destinations, making use of Electricity , is described in RIGV. 3/9/6-9 varg, through BRUHATI metre. This topic is combined with other vedas through RIG. 10/52/6; YAJUR. 33/1;

rS- czk- 2/4/12/2. some theories of DOOTAM AGNI , are there in RIGV, 3/11/2 varg, through GAYATRI metre.

mRdkfy% dkL; _f"k has combined' DOOTAM AGNI', with the AGNI , named

tkrosnk% which exists in all the substances, that are produced, in RIGV. 3/11/4 varg, though' TRISHTUP' metre, AGNI' Devata. This topic is related with

rS- czk- 1/2/1/10; 3/6/2/1 ; rS- 3/2/11/2.

fo'okfe= _f"k has combined the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI ', with that of Electricty, named' e/kou ', and has described the used of 'DOOTAM AGNI' in Air- crafts etc, in RIGV. 3/53/4 varg , through 'TRISHTUP' metre, INDRA' Devata.

iztkifr fo'okfe= _f"k has described ' DOOTAM AGNI', which is useful in u{k= Kku [knowledge of stars], in RIGV. 3/54/16 - 2 2 varg, thorough ' TRISHTUP' metre,' fo'onsok Devata. The DOOTAM AGNI', present in' RAYS of LIGHT', is described in RIGV. 3/55/9 varg, through 'THISHTUP' Metre,' AGNI' Devata.

okenso _f"k has combined the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI', with that of ' Science of water', in RIGV. 4/2/2, through 'TRISHTUP' metre, Devata - ' AGNI' This knowledge is also expressed in RIG. 4/1/8 varg. The combination of the Science of DOOTAM AGNI , with the' Science of the SUN', is available in RIGV. 4/1/4 . the theory of sending messages, with the help of 'science of LIGHT', as well as, the theory of quickly producing Food products, though its medium , are expressed in 4/1/8 varg. some more theories of this Science, are described in details, RIGV. 4/8/1 varg. This theory is expanded in RIGV. 4/9/1 . This topic is also described and discussed , in SAM. 23; ,s- czk- 23/4/112 . The transformation of the form of 'DOOTAM AGNI', due to the contact with substances, named' okrtqrk is described in RIGV. 4/33/1.

olq/k`r vk=s; _f"k has combined the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI' with the perishable mortal substances, in RIGV. 5/3/8 varg , through the metre of ' AGNI ' Devata The proving of various Scientific theories, making use of this particular knowledge, is described in RIG. 5/8/6 varg, through ' JAGATI' Metre, 'AGNI' Devata. The method of sending, from one country to another, the substances , that can be grasped by DOOTAM AGNI' is described in RIGV. 5/11/4 varg.

This vk=s; _f"k has combined the theory of ' DOOTAM AGNI' with Atomic substances , named " _rL; " in RIGV 5/21/3 varg , through ' mf"Vid metre

AGNI ' Devata.

olq;o vk=s; _f"k has united the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI' with that of 'SAVITA AGNI', in RIGV. 5/26/6 Varg, through 'GAYATRI' Metre,' AGNI' Devata.

vf= _f"k has described the used of 'DOOTAM AGNI' in vahicles, in RIGV. 5/43/8

varg, though 'TRISHTUP ' Metre, Devate' fo'osnsok Hkj}kt ckgZLiR;% _f"k has described , the various ceremonies of DOOTAM' AGNI, with' ekrfj'ok ok;w* and sun - LIGHT', present in the sky, in RIGV. 6/8/4 varg, through' JAGATI ' metre os'ok u;s Devata. The Virtues and Faults, created by contact with SKY and EARTH , are described in RIGV. 6/15/9 varg . The reactions taking place , with immortal substances, are described in RIGV. 6/16/6 varg, through mf"Vid ' metre,AGNI' Devata. The ceremonies of 'DOOTAM AGNI', with the substances known all over the world [EARTH], are described in Rigv. 6/16/23, through' GAYATRI' metre,' AGNI DEVATA' This theory is supported in RIGV. 6/58/3 varg, wherein the SKY and sun theories, are described, through' TRISHTUP ' Metre ,'iq"i' Devata The theory of lowering down the strength, of DOOTAM AGNI', is described in RIGV. 6/63/1, through 'BRUHATI ' Metre, ASHWINO Devata, and ' ASHWING VIJNAN' is combined with it.

ofl"B _f"k has described the effects of DOOTAM AGNI' on The sun and EARTH, in RIGV. 1/2/3 varg, through ' TRISHTUP' metre, Devata - 'vkiz"V' The actions of DOOTAM ' are described in TRISHTUP' metre, of AGNI' Devata also , in RIGV. 1/3/2, 3 varg, and also in Rigv 1/1/1 Varg. The other properties of Dootam Agni are stated in RIGV. 1/20/2, 5 varg, throgh' TRISHTUP ' metre, 'AGNI' Devata The theory of throwing' DOOTAM AGNI ' to a distant place,. is described in RIGV. 1/11/2, 3, through 'TRISHTUP' metre. The properties of 'DOOTAM AGNI', are described in RIGV. 1/16/1, 4 varg, through 'ANUSHTUP' and BHUHATI' metres, AGNI' Devata. The Learned Men, who impart this knowledge, have described the properties of 'DOOTAM AGNI' through' TRISHTUP' Metre', fo'osnsok' Devata, in RIGV. 1/39/1 . The theory of DOOTAM AGNI' with a view of performing' sacrificial Fire ' [YAJNA] , is described in RIGV. 1/61/1 varg, through 'through 'TRISHIUP' metre, ASHWINI' DEVATA.

cz�frfFk dk.o% _f"k has described the properties , and actions of DOOTAM AGNI'

in RIGV. 8/5/3 varg, through ' GAYATRI' Metre,

Devata -ASHWINO'

lksefj% dk.o _f"k has stated the properties of 'DOOTAM AGNI', in RIGV 8/9/21 varg, through 'USHNIK' Metre, AGNI ' Devata.

fo'oeUjk% os;'o% _f"k has described some properties of DOOTAM AGNI' in Rigv. 8/23/6 varg, through' USHNIK' metre. Many properties are also available, in RIGV. 8/23/19. where the mantra is dedicated to God-AGNI' the pair of ujk and' vf'ouk', as the Assistants of 'nwr%vfXu' is described in RIG. 8/26/16, through 'GAYATRI 'metre,

Devata – ASHWINO'

ukekd% dk.o% _f"k has described the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI' along with that of

dfod`re vfXu' in RIGV. 8/39/3 varg, through 'TRISHTUP' Metre, AGNI" Devata.

fo:i vkfxjal _f"k has described , some more properties, in RIGV. 8/44/3 varg , using' GAYATRI' Metre AGNI' Deveta The other properties are stated in RIC, 8/44/20 varg, through' GAYATRI' metre, AGNI' Devata.

tenfXr HkkxZo _f"k has described the properties and actions , of DOOTAM' AGNI, in RIGV. 8/101/3 varg, though' BRUHATI',' PANKTI', and 'GAYATRI' Metres, 'fe=k o:.kks' Devata.

iz;ksxks HkkxZo vfXUk"kkZ ikodks ckgZLir%A vFkokXuh x`goflef.k"Bks lgl% eqrkS _f"k has described , the properties of DOOTAM AGNI', through' GAYATRI' metre, AGNI Devata.

jselwu~ dk';iks _f"k has described, all substances produced by 'DOOTAM AGNI' in RIG. 9/99/5,' ANUSHTUP' metre, ioeku lkse Devata. f=r _f"k has described 'vfXu nwre ' knowledge , in RIG. 10/4/2 varg, in TRISHUP' Metre,' AGNI Devata.

f=f'kjkLRok"V _f"k has described the properties, and action of DOOTAM' ANGI, with the natural atoms , named ' _rL; ' in RIG. 10/8/5 - 6 varg. through 'TRISHTUP' metre, AGNI' Devata.

;e _f"k has described the theory, with the Science of the 'sun' [lw;Z foKku], in RIGV. 10/14/12 - 13 varg, through 'TRISHTUP' and ANUSHTUP' metres , ''oku ' and

;e nsork ]

lIrxw _f"k has described the properties of DOOTAM AGNI,' in RIGV. 20/41/1, through TRISHTUP' Metre, ' bUnks oSdqaBk ' Devata.

lqfe=ks"kk/;`'o% _f"k has stated the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI' along with 12 other forms of AGNI, of vka/kz nsork in RIG. 10/10/3 varg.

nsokfijk"VZos.k% _f"k has described the properties of 'DOOTAM AGNI', with ' WATER'

[ty], and ' SURYA VIJNAN' [ sun] , in ' TRISHTUP' metre,' nsok Devata.

i.oksMlqjk _f"k has described the same Scientific theory , under the name, ' nwrh

which is the ' Question and Answer Form ', in RIG. 10/108/2 - 4 varg, TRISHTUP 'metre, Devata - ljek ' and ' i.k; _f"k tqZgwctk;ksok czk% has described the theory of DOOTAM AGNI'with' Hkkrfj'ok ok;w and the substance named lfyye izkedijE;ew in RIGV. 20/209/3 varg, in Trishtup' metre, fo'osnsok Devata. _f"k use% izesnuksaosa :i has described the actions , and properties, of ' AGNI DOOTAM ' , alon with' fl/nksa vfXu , in RIGV. 10/110/1 , through TRISHTUP' Metre, INDRA' Devata

:iLrqrks okf"VnZO; _f"k has described the actions and properties of AGNI DOOTAM', together with , the Creative power, of the HEAVEN and EARTH, in RIGV. 10/115/1 - 5, in Jagati' metre, Agni' Devata.

_f"kf'p= egkofld"B _f"k has stated the theory of DOOTAM AGNI ' in RIGV . 10/122/5 Varg through 'JAGATI 'metre ,' AGNI Devata.

osauks HkkxZo _f"k has combined the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI ', with the sciences of 'RAYS' and SKY' in RIGV 10/123/6 varg, through TRISHTUP' Metre,' osuks Devata.

lRi :"k;% ,d"kkZ _f"k has described the theory of the knowledge of Remedies to avoid diseases, created by Gases ,in RIG. 10/131/3 varg, through' ANUSHTUP' Metre, ' fo'os nsok Devata,

diksrks uS_rq _f"k has described the theory of 'DOOTAM AGNI- in RIGV. 10/165/1 varg, through 'TRISHTUP' metre , and DEVATA-

^^diksrks igrks izk;f'pr% os'onsoe**

ijes"Vh iztkifr _f"k has described the properties, and actions of ' DOOTAM AGNI' in YAJUR. 2/1 to 2/9/ ANWAK , through ' BRUHATI 'and JAGATI' metres of ' AGNI and VISHNU ' Devata. The same sage , also,in YAJUR. 15/32/33 Mantra,

15/20 to 48 ANUWAK.

iztkifr and fo'oe; _f"k have also thrown light , on theory of DOOTAM AGNI in YAJURVEDA 22/16, 13 Mantra ANUWAK, in GAYATRI' metre, AGNI ' Devata,

tenfXu _f"k has described 'DOOTAM AGNI' in Yajur 29/25 to 29/36 ANUWAK

through 'Trishtup' Metre fo}ku Devata.

pkru% _f"k has described the FAULTS ( nks"k ) of 'DOOTAM AGNI' in Atharv 1/1/6, through ANUWAK Metre tkrosnk vfXu Devata.

vFkokZ lsokeksgu _f"k has described the 'DOOTAM AGNI ' along with 'VAYU' [ok;q ]

in ATHARV. 3/1/2, through 'TRISHTUP' Metre, 'MARUT' Devata. This theory is described in ATHARV. 3/2/2 also This topic is also described in ATHARV. 3/4/3, in 'TRISHTUP' Metre, INDRA' Devata.

'krkfr% pUnzek%_f"k has described the knowledge of' fo'onsok nsork ' in ATHARV. 4/13/3. It is related with RIGV. 10/131/1 varg.

vkafxjk _f"k has described 'AGNI DOOTAM' in ATHARV. 5/12/1, through TRISHTUP' Metre, tkrosnk vfXu' Devata The twelve (12) Forms of AGNI 'of' vkfiz;k nsork are also described here.

x;kse% _f"k has described the actions taking place, between DOOTAM AGNI' with Atomic substances, named _rE;' and lfyy which are existing, sine the birth of the EARTH, in ATHARV. 5/11/3. through' trishtup metre , cztk;k ' Devata. The ceremonies of ekrfj'ok ok;w' existing in the SKY, are also described.

mUekspu% _f"k has described this particular knowledge , in ATHARV. 5/30/6.

Hk`xq _f"k has described' AGNI DOOTAM', in ATHARV. 6/21/1 -2 SUTRA, through '

JAGATI' and Trishtup Metres ;e and fuf_fr% Devata. The same theory is described in Atharv 6/29/1-3 through 'Gayatri' and vf"V% metres.

vFkokZ _f"k has described the relation of THE MANES' [firj] with the science of DEATH [e`R;q], in ATHARV. 18/2/21, through TRISHTUP' Metre, ;e ea=ksrk' Devata This topic is also discussed, in ATHARV. 18/3/66, as well as, ATHARV. 18/4/65.

es/;kfrfFk _f"k has described' DOOTAM AGNI ', in ATHARV. 20/101/1 - 3/ through'

GAYATRI' Metre,' AGNI' Devata.

In this way , VEDAS have given advice to the mankind, for properly leading the life. It proves that the Scholars who were deriving the meanings only, in the form of PRAYERS for BLESSING', and advising accordingly, have themselves not grasped the correct knowledge of VEDAS, till this day. It is necessary, that they should broaden their views. Just as, it is necessary for human-beings, to achieve food and water, for living, it is also essential to attain the yaidic knowledge, in order to procure food and water.

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