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 Title : The magic of gems of the sea of scripture Author : Dr. Mahashweta Chaturvedi

The sea of scripture is a treasure-house of immeasurable and invaluable gems, which are special than that of general gems. The Brahmans well versed in the Vedas who named the part of stone a gem do not know the peculiarity of extra ordinary gems. These extra ordinary gems of the sea of scripture make the life progressive and the gems which are the part of stone caused declination of life. By confusing in the blind lanes of kindness, general gems ends the life badly. Therefore the greatness and magic of the invaluable gems of the scriptural sea is undeniable. By putting on these gems of scripture the life becomes glittering and intently developing.

In scriptural hymns there is a feeling of everyone’s welfare.

L u% ioLo 'ka xos 'ka tuk; 'keoZrs 'ka jktUuks"k/khH;% ¼lkeosn 6@53½

Meaning – God make our life virtuous. The life becomes holistic with righteous food. It has been said - “aahar shuddhou satv shuddyhi “. That means a fine, virtuous and righteous food help us to sanctify our satv-ras, blood, meat, meda, bone marrow, asthi-shukra, all minerals and that gained good mind. The mind of a person who is non-vegetarian cannot be righteous. Only clear mind can think well. The thought of considering everyone as a friend can come only in a clear mind. Actually in all other relations the relation of friendship is very important. In relation to the identification, character and behavior of friendliness the summoning of scriptural hymn is inspirational. Viz. “Akshou nou madhusankasho anik”. This hymn means that a friend should be a well-wisher.

A friend feels that a friend should be inside the heart. They should be two bodies and one heart. In scriptural literature the inspirations of human progress is included. Everyone knows Anadi Nidhana, Suntata Vedvani. Sometimes eight deformities of textual nature of scripture i.e. Jata, Mala, Shikha, Lekha, Dhwaj, Dand, Rath and Dhan also get heard by these names. It is very surprising, that reading and teaching of scriptural literature is continually decreasing.

Reading-Teaching, Listening-Telling of divine knowledge is the obligation of a human being. According to Kumaril Bhatt, if u cannot study all four scriptures, then do remember individual hymn of each scripture with its meaning.

^^prq.kkZefiosnkuke/khfr% "kq'kdkupsr~

eU=a eU=e/kh;hr ekxZLFkks ukolhnfr^^

The formation of each hymn is thoughtful. Hence, according to “Mantra mananat” it is expected to memorize those hymns, the meaning of which is understandable to you. To learn by heart like a parrot is meaningless. By holding the delivered conceptual gems through hymns make the culmination of soul possible.

Religion flows from hymns in the same way as rivers flows from mountains.

^^osnkr~ /keZ% izogfr 'kSyknfi unh ;Fkk^^1

osneso lnkH;L;sr~ ukfLr osnkRija /kue~ A 2o

The most valuable gem of the sea of scripture is ‘OM’. The inspiration to think over it gets from Mundkopnishad.

^^resosda tkuFk vkRekue~

vU;k okpks foeq´p~Fk ve`rL;S"k lsrq%^^

Meaning – Recognize only one OM which is the bridge to nectar and which is a devotee of the sea of nectar. The reason of greatness of OM is that, it has twenty meanings. And my father, Vidyavachaspati Pandit Aachary Ramesh Shastri, the sea of knowledge, has tied up these twenty meanings in stanzas. Viz.

^^vo/kkrkseZfuizR;;s lfogrs vksek{kja lk/;rsA

j{kkokfIrxfr iznhfIrJo.k LokE;ap ;k´P;k dzh;kA

cqf/nKkZua foosdnkua euua fgalk lefyaxue~

Hkkx% izkfIr jfr'kqHk´p~ dq'kya vkekFkZd% foa'kfr%AA

Meaning – There are twenty meanings of the word OM – Protection, Vapti, Speed, Blaze, Ear, Swamya, Request, Action, Intelligence, Knowledge, conscience, Charity, Thinking, Non-Violence, Embrass, Contribution (Royal), Gain, Rati, Auspicious, Skilled. These are the twenty meanings of OM. Therefore, the person who prays OM is ahead of the person praying RAM. Moreover the three alphabets of OM are symbol of God, Organism and Nature i.e. A – God, U – Organism, M – Nature. In Ganesh Puran OM has been considered as a symbol of Ganesh.

^^vksadkj :iks Hkxoku~ mDrLrq x.kuk;d%A

lfg losZ"kq dk;sZ"kq iwT;rs·lkS fouk;d%AA^^

Practically when humankind is fully satisfied with the meal, then even though he is a Christian or a Mohammedan, Buddha or Jain, Jew or any other, with the belch the word OM comes out of everyone’s mouth. There is another specialty of OM. In other opinions the acceptance of Om like in Jain it is Om Namo Arihantanam, in English language it is Omnishiyent, Omnishipotent and Omani prejent, is an indicator of university.

Good thoughts are hymns of invaluable gems of the sea of scripture which are devotees of the well-fare of people.

Lqkx% iUFkk vu`{kj _Xosn 1@41@4

Meaning – The way of truth is free from harm, it is straight and facile.

e/kquDr eqrks"klks _Xosn 1@90@7

In world one should do delightful, peaceful and affectionate virtues.

Ekk uks vXus·er;s _Xosn 3@16@5

We shall become intelligent, brave and rich, but not a person who defame others, not a harmful betraying and deceptive person.

dkyks v'oks ogfr lIr jf'e% vFkoZ 19@53@1

The time which is similar to a horse is running very fast. Don’t waste it.

ozrsu nh{kkekIuksfr ;tq 19@30

By retaining a religious vow a person gained the supreme rights and talent.

Ikkoekuh LoLR;;uhLrkfHkxZPNfr ukUnue~

Meaning – The literature which helps to inspire the thoughts of a person towards virtues is good for well-fare of people.

;su nsok u fo;fUr uks p vFkoZ 3@30@4

Meaning – Experts never quarrel, envy or hate. For the conceptual similarity, the study of good literature, speculation and meditation of this study and its use in practical life is expected, which make the well-fare of the world possible. If we decorate the life with the gems of sea of scripture, the life will become not only decorative but also great.

To make our mind glittering, to protect the world from the verge of destruction, to wipe out the snake of terrorism, to drive away the darkness of violence, disgust and malice, to have a happy family below the blue sky on the earth, the collection of the gems of sea of scripture and to make the life purified with this collection is expected. These expressions have got voice in my song. Viz.

va/ksjk tc eu dk lalkj mtkyk dkSu djs fQj ikj \

ifjf/k esa ?kwe jgs fnujkr] u eu ls eu dh dksbZ ckr]

:nu ds xSwts vLQqV 'kCn] gqvk djrs tc Hkh vk?kkrA

lq/kh xk;d gh tc vKkr] djsaxs D;k oh.kk¡ ds rkj\

jke dk dHkh [kqnk dk xku] Qwy v{kr }kjk lEeku]

ugha thfor izfrek ls I;kj] gqbZ fiz;re ls D;k igpku\

u dksbZ lk/; u dksbZ jkg] lk/kuk esa ,slh D;k lkj \

ftls gS thou ls vuqjkx] vk;q ds fgr djrk lc R;kx]

l`tu ds fy, feVk gjckj] jgk vejRo mlh dk Hkkx]

fdlh ftlus 'ko dk Jaxkj] psruk dk u mls migkjA

(song) swarnambara (geet sangrah) Dr. Mahashweta Chaturvedi

To make the world comfortable good thoughts are expected, which we get from the first book of the world Rugved and other Atharv, Saam and Yjurved. In these books the well-being of good faith is inbuilt.

^^Ikk;sa oSfnd flU/kq ls jRuksa ds migkjA

T;ksfreZ; ftlls cus vU/kk ;s lalkjAA

ugha ;gk¡ ladh.kZrk dks dksbZ LFkkuA

eU=ksa esa lafpr feyk lc dk vH;qRFkkuAA

O;fDr vkSj Hkk"kk ugha feyrh ;gk¡ fo'ks"kA

Kku vkSj foKku ds lk/kd ;gha v'ks"kAA

;kSfxd 'kCnksa ds jgs osn lnk HkaMkjA

fo'o ,drk dk ;gh dj ldrs lalkjAA

(mahashweta ki dohavali)

Today it is necessary to win the humanity in this crazy world.


Dr. Mahashweta Chaturvedi D.Lit.

Professors caloni, Shyamjang

Bareli – 24305 (U.P.)

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About Translator:Sou Lalita Marathe Pune
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