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 Title : The feeling of international welfare in vedic literature Author : Dr. Mahashweta Chaturvedi

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Vedas are the most ancient books of this world. According to Indian intellect vedas came into existence with the world it self. Encyclopedia Britannica also says that Rig veda is the first book of the world. The world got the brightness of the knowledge and science from vedic literature, it is said in Manusmruti. Religion flows through the medium of vedas. If the roots of religion are to be found then they are found in vedas.

The universal vedic religion is not restricted to one country or caste but it extends over the whole universe, because it contains advice for the betterment and welfare for mankind. In all other religious books like Quran or Bible, there is advice for that particular religion only. Bible stresses on making the world 'christian',Quran tells the world to become Muslim. But vedic literature is not only for in dians but also for the whole world as a whole. So vedas are called as kamdhenu. This kamdhenu gives back to the world what the world wishes. It gives milk to the human race,by drinking which,the human race remains satisfied and they prosper in life.

Vedas always oppose violence,because violence contains all bad and evil tendencies.

The soul is not achieved or perceived through language,mind or eyes. Thus the knowledge and work senses are incapable of giving one knowledge of soul. It can only be achieved through self knowledge and self introspection.

One who can differentiate between the darkness and light,one who has the knowledge of the same,he only can leave darkness and submit to the light.

Vedas are stream of knowledge. This knowledge is created by god for the welfare of the mankind.

In vedas there are numerous references of hymns where there is mention of the welfare of world or the human race at lrage. Without the comprehension of this he gal of human life will become futile.

Today the traditional vedic religion is forgotten and so there is violence,unfairness injustice every where in the world. in name of religion communalism, diffeerense of opinion and arrogance are increasing day by day. Where Science is on the top of its progress,there human race is facing mental problems,the human being is unhappy. The famous poet Ramdhari singh has expressed his his unhappiness in his poems.

The human race can remain happy only when he becomes introspective when he become knowledgeable.

Life is according to our thought. To reduce violence,injustice,jealously unfairness in this world the vedic religion and vedic literature needs to be spread in the whole world.

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About Translator:Sou. Lalita Marathe
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