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 Title : THE SOCIAL LIFE IN THE VEDAS Author : Mr Ghanshyam Lal Mathur

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Man is a social animal. He is not alone. He is connected to the family, caste, society and the universe. So he should behave with everybody with love, sympathy and affection. We have been guided in Vedas in different places about this. First of all let us take a look at the life of husband & wife - that couple is like God who stays together with harmony, do work together and always pray to God. Hey Couple! You stay happily in the house, create and enjoy happiness there, give birth to good children and see a lot of enlightening dawns, means you may live a long life. The excellent feeling of a loving couple is that it stays together happily, are engaged in good work, love each other and perform the practicalities of life merrily.

We find the description of the duties of a couple in the following way-

The son should be obedient of his father, the son should fulfill his mothers wishes, the wife should talk to her husband in a sweet and quiet voice, the brothers should not hate each other, the sisters should not envy each other. Everybody should live within his own constraints and talk to each other in a peaceful manner. Isn’t this a beautiful family behaviour? In the family the position of the mother is considered highest, so the Vedas have sung praises of the mother. The mother bears her son in her embryo. The scholar men have always given first place to their mother. She is so called because though she considers herself an equal of her husband still she without belittling her husband bears the embryo in her stomach. She keeps her husband away from this pain.

In Yajurveda 18 it is said that the father and forefather should make me pure and I should live for a hundred years. The Gods, my mind, my intelligence, all the five great elements and the five should make me pure. In these hymns, it is mentioned that one can get a long life and purity by serving the old. This stresses the fact that in Vedas lot of importance has been given to the looking after of the old people.

Happiness is also sought for people other than the family who have good relation with the family.

In Rigveda it is written that the mother, father, the people of the same caste, servants and pet dogs should live happily. I respect the father, son, grandson, grandparents, woman, grandmother, mother and people related to the family. There is description of behaviour with the family and other related people.

There is also description of the behaviour with friends - One is happy with the success and company of a friend. A friend gives wealth and removes sins from the society. He is beneficial to everybody. He is not a friend who is wealthy and yet does not help his friends. His house is not a true house. One should always stay away from him. The hymns rightly explain the feeling of friendship and duty. It has been told that the friend should get support just like the family and the caste.

The hymns 19/62/1 and 16/48 explain the importance of taking interest in all castes.

In Atharvaveda 3/30/6 and 3/30/1 & Yajurveda 19/46 there is advice about how to behave with the whole world and all the castes at large. It says that we should have some source of water and one should share and enjoy the same food. You are bound by one family so you should do the same duty. I will make your hearts equal and make your minds fee of envy. You love each other in the same way as the cow loves its newborn calf. One who is bearing the thought of equality towards life, people, mind and speech, I have granted prosperity to them for another 100 years. The hymn tells the human being to to deal with all other humans with equality. It clearly means that the wealth, thoughts and lifestyle should be the same, only then can one stay happily for 100 years together.

It is also said in the Vedas that one should deal with love, sympathy and pity not only with the humans but also with the animals.

The seven sweetmeats of knowledge are Brahmana, Kshatri, Bullock, Dhanu, Dhaan, Yav and Sweets. The person who undertakes these seven sweetmeats of knowledge, he himself becomes very sweet. Hey supremacy God, strengthen my vision, so that all animals will look at me as friends. I should also look at all animals in the same way and we all should live together happily.

Thus, we can see that in all the hymns, it is described that one should deal with family, friends, the whole world and also the animals with lot of sympathy, pity and equality and friendship. The principles mentioned over here about the behaviour and other things cannot be found anywhere else in the world. But these principles cannot remain stable unless they are based on a solid foundation of good and just behaviour.

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