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 Title : THE TACTICS OF WAR IN VAIDIC LITERATURE Author : Smt Mahasweta Chaturvedi

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The Vaidic Literature is the infinite sea, of knowledge and Science, in which, all the Sciences are described in a filiform manner (Sutratmak Shaili). (threaded together). To understand them, thinking and contemplating, is essential. Hence, it is said "Mantramannat" which means, that, in order to understand ‘Rucha’ a lot of thinking, is expected. If one grasps the meaning, but does not behave accordingly, his knowledge is a waste. – "Rucho --- Samasate" (RIGVEDA).

All the worries can be overcome, by the spread of Vaidic knowledge. The human life is scarce. To get birth in a Brahmin family, and that too in a family, following the old Vaidic Religion, and becoming Vaidic Scholar, is the result of virtues deeds, performed in the previous life. SHANKARACHARYA has aimed at this sentiment, in "Vivek Chudamani" – thus – "Jantunam ---- Labhyate" (Vivek Chudamani – Shankaracharya).

The accomplishment of the object of Human life, lies in destroying the darkness of ignorance, by the brightness of Vaidic knowledge. The Vaidic Chants give eternal inspiration, of humanity, - "Aa To ---- Vishwataha". ‘Let us get good thoughts, from all corners.’ "Udhyanam --- Navayanam" – ‘Oh man, you always rise higher and higher, and never experience downfall’.

Every life is a battle-field, and the calamities arising in the path of life, is the aggression of enemy. One who marches forward, with bravery, even during calamities, is known as the Unconquered General (soldier). In Vaidic literature, there is an invocation, to win the war, everywhere. – "Tesham --- Vitishtadhwam" (ATHARV. 11-9-26).

In Vaidic literature, there is an order to gain victory, at different spots. The priest tells the warrior host "Preta --- Bahwaha" (ATHARV. 3-19-6), which means – "Oh, advancing warriors, make aggression, and be victorious; let your shoulders be strong. This chant of ATHARV., gives an advice of gaining victory. There is also the hint, regarding the preparations, before the victory. (1) ‘Uttishthat’ – Wake up, do not be idle. The sentiment of waking up, is expressed in ATHARV. (10 / 9 / 3). – "Uttishthat --- Abhidhattamvrude" – Both of you (commander and army-men), wake up, and start capturing the army of the enemy. No success is achieved in the war, by sluggish policy.

(2) "Sanhaydhwam" – Be ready and alert. Get mobilized with weapons. It is stated in ATHARV. (11 / 10 / 1 ) – "Sanhaydhwa --- Sah" Be prepared for sacrifice, and flutter your flags. The march with the fluttering flags, indicates the readiness of war. The enemy should get frightened seeing your enthusiasm for the battle. – "Sam Vijantam" (ATHARV.11 / 9 / 12).You frighten the enemy.

(3) FRIENDS : Make preparations, being friendly with one another. The army which is divided, where there is no intimacy for each other, will definitely loose the war. Hence, it is expected, that intimate affection amongst all, should prevail, if victory is desired. Then only, the enemy will be defeated.

(4) Dev:- Out of the different meanings of the word ‘God’, there is one meaning, which means "to wish for the victory". The aggressors should march forward, as if, they are Gods. Their hearts should be full of the sentiment of victory – "Sarwa --- Dhavat" (ATHARV. 11 / 10 / 1 ), which means, "These enemies are serpents, and they are different people. Run after those enemy Demons, and make them spiritual. Let the battle be a Religious War. The result of the War should be – "Abhitranam ---- Kashchan" (ATHARV. 11 / 9 / 20). The Commander should not spare, anyone of the enemies. Be victorious, ever the enemy, and stand firmly, at the proper spots.

To grasp inspiration, from Vaidic Chants, should be the duty of every human – being. According to Maharshi PANINI, the complete knowledge of ‘Ek Shabda’ (Word ‘one’), is the means, to attain the Heaven. "Ek Shabdaha ---- Bhavati". Hence, the human life will be fruitful, by understanding any inspiration, of the Vaidic Chants, and victory can be attained, in every battle of life. The scholars follow the religious path, and advice, to carry olut the bold deeds. – "Dharm --- Nahi".

For attaining the sharp brain, it is necessary, to grasp the meaning of Vaidic Chants, and behave accordingly, in life.

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