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 Title : FORM OF PROTECTIVE COVERING IN THE VEDIC VERSES Author : Smt Mahasweta Chaturvedi

The whole world is suffering from the threat of terrorism, and to counter this calamity which has befallen the humanity requires great courage. Blaming self protection means not only insensitivity of the mind, but it is also a form of fundamentalism.

Whenever the question of self protection rises in India, the so-called secularists and protectors of human rights have the temerity to launch attacks on the security forces and the government of the country. Then they overlook the fundamentalism of the terrorists and the activities of security forces are presented as excesses.

Because of this mentality of anti-nationalism, an atmosphere of unrest and insecurity and anti-nationalism is spreading everywhere, as a result of which, thousands of policemen and army officers have become entangled in the false cases of excesses against human rights. They are even prone to commit suicides.

How can a true nationalist tolerate when terrorists are honored? How can India ignore the fact that the Hindus are driven out of the Kashmir Valley only in order to alter the composition of population there in such a way that Muslims will be in majority there, so that Kashmir can be separated in the name of Islam?

Whenever there is a discussion of canceling the Article 370, the so-called secularists rise in an uproar. Rather than treating all religions as equal, the concept of Indian secularism is simply becoming anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim. It is also a fact that the said secularism bears no logic

Why can the human rightists not understand the problems and sorrows of Kashmiri Hindus? And if they do, why can they not rise in an uproar against the atrocities committed against them? When the terrorists shoot down innocent passengers sitting in buses and railways, why can’t they become sensitive? Why are the security forces’ infrequent actions against the terrorists construed as engineered encounters?

When the terrorists kill the soldiers mercilessly, why is it called a normal thing? The Indian people will have to unite against this war which is full of injustice and anti-nationalism and put an end to it, otherwise these undesirable tendencies will become uncontrollable and cause untold damage to the nation. To be full of self-confidence and change the atmosphere in the country, we will have to march ahead as ordered in the Vedic verses. The Vedic verse (Rigved 10/137) inspires us: Great are the ones who uplift the downtrodden and liberate the culprits.

No man remains downtrodden forever, nor does he always die. At times, even in the present life, he gets saved from certain death and has a new lease of life. A good way of life is always available for everybody.

(Yajurved /39/7)

A man who lives religiously is always very quiet, whereas a sinful, terrifying man is foolish and he is always at the command of his body. It is only with introspection that it is possible to annihilate the evil tendencies that have entered one’s mind. But if sinful men do not see wisdom, it is one’s duty to destroy them. Thus, this Vedic verses provides inspiration like this: (Atharvaved 4/3/4).

It means, it is one’s duty to destroy violent, sinful, evil beings and Dasyus. One must always keep getting rid of diseases and maladies. Inner power can be had only with good deeds. Also, doing something bad generates anger and hate within oneself.

A sinful life starts with bad company. This kills one’s reasoning, and he begins considering his well wisher to be an enemy and a bad person to be his friend. This in turn turns him away from all virtues. It is criminal to help and praise evil forces and criminals, going against the divine justice, and it is one’s sacred duty to destroy these enemies of the world and society.

(Atharvaved 1/12/2).

This means, O Lord Indra, in particular, kill all those who trouble us. Destroy those who want to spread unrest. Take all such persons into the eternal darkness. It is felt that both good and evil types of people live in the society. National good is closely associated with complete peace. Troublemakers to the society, however highly placed they may be, must be destroyed. When the roots of a tree are destroyed, its growth stops, and finally it falls down to the earth. Similarly, if state employees and evil people create trouble for the society and if they are not prohibited, the nation gets destroyed.

As the terror and troubles increase, society cannot work constructively, and then nation becomes desperate and dependent on others. So, this verse from the RigVed says: May our leader be benevolent, destroyer of sins, provider of well-being and welfare, protector of wealth, gentle, and protect us from invaders. The verse from the AtharvaVed (Atharva 1/2/1) says: May the King drive terrorists into eternal darkness, destroy those who want to tie us. If the king does not perform his role of protector, he will lose his kingdom.

In Vedic verses, our protective covering is in the form of our union, with the help of which we can destroy the terrorists. Whichever caste, creed or religion we may belong to, if we are nation-loving citizens, we must initiate the process of destroying these killers of the Indian national honour and humanity. This is the responsibility of Hindus as well as Muslims, because this terrorism is being perpetrated in the name of religion. The most dangerous forms of terrorism are human bombs and squads of people who are willing to die while doing terrorist activities. The other examples are the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Terrorism is an enemy of humanity, which can be combated by all the nations of the world coming together. If terrorists are wrecking so much havoc after uniting, why can the entire humanity come together and sound their bugles against terrorism and kill this snake of terrorism with all their combined might? No religion directs killing of innocent people. No religion teaches to quarrel or do sinful acts, nor does it teach to progress bravely on the path of violence.

If the fire of terrorism is not put down, it will burn and destroy the entire world. So, taking inspiration from the Vedic verses, we must unite and pronounce a war against terrorism. A few wise people are much more powerful than armies of hundreds of fools. If we act with confidence, we will be definitely successful in our mission, and the enemies will self-destruct with their foolhardiness. Finally truth will always come victorious. Success is inherent in acting on the Vedic verses.

* * * * *

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