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 Title : THE SEVEN NAMES OF BRAHMA Author : Shri Manohar Vidhyalakar

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Om Bhu. Om Bhuv. Om Swa. Om Msha. Om Nama. Om Tapa. Om Satyam. Taittya
Rishi: Atri, Kashyap, Vyasa, Gautam, Jamadagni, Bharadwaj, Vasishtha, Vishwamitra.
Gods: Agni, Som, Vayu, Savita, Aditya, Bruaspati, Mitravarun, Indra, Vishwadeva.
Chhandas(Vedas): Gayatri, Ushnik, Anushtrup, Bruhati, Virat, Tristrup, Jagati.
Vyahuti means the voice, the words. In Vedas such words are called the mystic words. In Vedic learning group, there are seven such words. The first three are called Mahavyahuti since they describe good, emotional, and happy forms of Brahma and prayers and worships are offered to maintain their gain and holiness. In Vedas, there are three vyahutis, which are available in Yaju 3-5, 3-32, and 36-3, but seven Vyahutis are not found together. Considering the Vyahutis as mystic indications or signals, the scholars have given them many meanings as per their own imagination.

These Vyahutis show cycles in human body made by ascetics in different people, classes and arts. Atharvaveda calls human body as eight cycled (Ashtachakra) because some ascetics have placed sun, mind, and Saraswati differently.

These seven Vyahutis present qualities and nature of the Supreme Being. A person mortifying in these cycles to obtain the qualities of Supreme Being is also known by this name as he is considered a friend of God.

1. Om Bhu: Oh Supreme Being, almighty God, you are the creator of everything. To purify myself and to come close to you in the same way as the head is attached to the body I am devoting myself to you. With your fire like glory, always keep my body healthy and give me long life.

2. Om Bhuv: To keep my mind and sensations clean, I will try to devote myself in Swadhishthan chakra (devotion) and Adnyachakra (obedience). With your wind-like velocity, make my body progressive and brave.

3. Om Swa: Hey Supreme-Being Lord, to come closer to you and to get light and happiness I want to devote myself to control my soul in Manipur Chakra (navel area) and Vishudha Chakra (vocal and throat region). With your glory and light make my body full of light and life. Make my body living and peaceful.

4. Om Maha: Hey Lord, inspiration of all, I want to devote myself in anahat Chakra (heart). Make my heart generous and huge with your strong reaping with which after success I will be proud and conscious and after failure untouched by depression so that I will be like great men worshipped by humans.

5. Om Nama: Oh Lord, creator of seasons and truth and sensations, I want to be closer to you and control my Vishudha Chakra (throat and vocal region) and Manipur Chakra (navel area). With your Mitravarun avtar, save me from saying anything bad and insalubrious food, which will make me the creator or producer of good thoughts and wholesome food.

6. Om tapa: Oh Lord, to be a great penance, I am devoting myself to Adnyachakra and Swadhishthan Chakra. Make me an ascetic like Lord Indra and keep me happy with all your divine faculties.

7. Om Satyam: Oh Lord, I want to be a truthful person like you and I am devoting myself to Sahastrachakra. With your universal true vision, you appear in front of me so that I be like Swami Sacchidanand and be useful for the world.

This order of beginning with head and again reaching head shows that life and nature both are work in cycles, i.e. the cycle of death after life and life after death goes on. The next indication is that if the Lord Brahma appears, humans cane come out of the cycle and be free.

The purpose of mentioning the names of Rishis, Gods, Chhandas with Mantras (chants) is to understand and to assimilate the chant fully, we should understand the qualities, deeds, and nature to get their grace and beneficence. The meaning of Chhandas (Vedas) direct us in the way to become a Rishi or to be closer to God with the help of this, and an inquisitive accomplisher can become a true learner of Mantras.

Chhandas of Vyahutis words are not possible but Ru. Ka. 10-130 Devata (God)- Chhanda orders are also given so that they can help humans to understand and accomplish the mantras.

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