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 Title : Business Tarde concepts in vedic sutras Author : Smt Mahasweta Chturvedi

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‘Vaidik Ruchaomen Vyavhar Ki Mimansa’

Business / Trade concepts in vedic sutras

The target of vedic literature, which is not prepared / performed by man is welfare of mankind. So Vedas are not complied in any specific language of any specific Country but compiled in Sanskti. So the verse compiled denoting ‘Greatness of Vedas’. (Vedana – Mahatwam).

I wrote : ‘Indriyanam ................ Kathyate’ | |

As for the development of senses five elements (are necessary) similarly in daily life for the development of knowledge by the inspiration of god, Vedic knowledge is enlightened in the hearts of R. sis (Sages).

It is not enough to memorize the vedic r.cas, the fruitfulness of knowledge lies in following them in our life. So it is said ‘Yo� .............. Bhadramshnute’ who knows the (real) meaning acquires his own happiness and welfare of the World. The usefulness of knowledge lies in its being pragmatic Vedic literature is like a vast ocean of knowledge & Science, but according to one’s ability man can obtain it.

At present man gains hopeful success in various fields. New Scientific experiments are as if miracles to man. Man landed on moon searching space for living being. A reaching there thought to step on other planets & sub-planets, by the Scientific acquisition he involved in manifesting it with pride. With the help of atom bomb and atomic energy he transfers the creative World in to destruction within a second, the inventor of cloning & gene technology is becoming mad by his own intellect, and wandering under tention unsatisfactorily and restlessly like a ware even though acquiring the scientific knowledge

Does he think of the solution about his restlessness and though he thinks with closing his eyes sitting steadily, the limits of his devotion are upto the outer wealthy pomp. Though it is India or developed western countries no one can think deeply over vedic knowledge & Science, for development energy of thought is essential and such type of energy, we can acquire through the vedic literature.

The base of the religion of whole world is vedic literature. So it is said in Smrutis : ‘Vedant .......... Yatha’.

The stream of river flows though the mountain like wise all religions in the World Flow through the mountain like Vedic literature, there are various r’cas in vedic (Ruchas) literature for Welfare of mankind are beneficial to upraise the daily routine: ‘Swayam ................. Jushaswa’ (Yaju. 23 / 15).

O man you should be desirous of gaining knowledge. Constructing your life you should make your life bright, good knowledge of the Path of happiness is mentioned by which there should no difference of thought or mutual hatret, abandoning manmade needs i.e. deeds fit to be done by general people, divine and efficial leadership should be accepted: ‘Yen ...... Dewa ....... Purushebhyaha’ (Atharva 3/30/4).

You should be have with your friends according to the greatest ethical advice.

‘Om ......... Paurusheyad’ (Atharva 7/105/1) ‘Om .............. Sanveddhwam’ (Rugved Ka Antim Sukta) (Ru.’s Last Sutra)

O God, we are the follows of same route which is designed and enlighted by you. Being you are Vrutpati/’Supreme’, we too, are truthful and look after happiness of everybody including animals. Foolish and selfish are unable to ‘Om .................. Charishyami’ (Yaju. 1/5)

bring out active change/application with the help Vedic Principals, Consequently, they will pass through unrest and became the past of starved World.

Behaviour is of two kinds truth and untruth. Those intelligent persons behave truthfully souly & mindly, they will be described as God; and class of untruths deserved for giants. Vedic literature appeals mankind to pass on vital routes. Thus man (become) may be developed his life span due to continuous study, mindly and cogitative. It also developed human liufe having all time justice and disciplinary studied but grasped knowledge has no fruits, since do not applies in day to day conduct. Good human religion aims at to keep those who wants, to water those no requires, Pay knowledge to illiterate, wealthy to unwealthy, linean to non-lineaned.

You should be developed culturally and bears good moral character if you wants to execute ettrics Vedic principles and advices in practice.

-- Only cause of undest is moderialistic Welfare.

FOR the rest and knowledge, we have to canvas Religion and Ved in Universe, through eminents and advisers. They should travel in distinct countries. Leaders should possess knowledge of Ved, they will develop and guide public and thus they will succeed in their desired task to leave public on true-route. But essence of all is leader should be self-improved as per Vedas. If Leader fail to do, then they are only the cause of unrest and not God.
The above Exclamation can be translated as under :-
Only Man is responsible for all the hindrances, and God is accused
for all above.

‘Akrodhen .................... Nanrutam’ |
The plain / literal Meaning of above is, we assume State of Surplus and trumpht if we set / content anger by rest Un-sage by sage, denotion to miserable and untrue by truth.

We must have sole motive to utilise all knowledge for pragmatic requirements, though, it may be derivities of Vedic literature, ethics of Sciences, Lectures, lessons of Arts or epics. But the human tendency is lessen to do the desired task due to the Scientific devices, which poses bane and decline from bad to worst and beneful.

We must continuously verify the available resources and conclude.
-- Unrest is basically the outcome of foreign soul.
-- Spiritual happiness is the base of self-knowledge and Vedic
knowledge is pre-dominance over other things.
-- Must behave as advised by Vedic Literature. Every day must
thinkon the meaning of Ved Mantra for the same.
-- Universal welfare and boon will be only after practical application of
Ved Mantra.
‘Khud ........ Par’ |

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